January 2010

Alright, finally.  With DX coming out first I knew something was going to happen to the tag match.  I was really glad to see Serena there with CM Punk and Luke Gallows (uh, still really hard not to call him Festus).  That’s a good idea.  I predict a match with Hart Dynasty at some point.  The matches they made seemed like very good consolations, to say the least.  HHH and Punk were great going back and forth.  They should have made a stipulation that Punk has to shave his beard if he lost…but anyway.  It was a good match, and nice to see Punk actually wrestle a little more again.  The end (though not unexpected) turned out kind of fun, actually.  I liked that they pulled out the clippers for HHH, and then HBK’s almost-super kick on Serena.  Jericho vs. R-Truth was good and had a neat ending, as well.

Batista in a sweater vest and that hat.

Putting John Morrison and Drew McIntyre in a no DQ match is a good idea with all the scuffles they’ve had.  Morrison’s promo was good, as always.  He’s always a little better on the mic when he’s trying to be mean.  I guess if you wanted to do things the old way this would be their first PPV match, having had the rivalry build up to a point and then showcasing it.  I think one of the women in the crowd tried to trip McIntyre with her cane haha.  Awesome.   That was really a great match.  Can’t say I’m super surprised by the result, because a no DQ match lets McIntyre do all the stuff he did to win last time.

I thought the McCool/Layla segment was pretty unnecessary and lasted a little too long.  But a far as I know the Women’s Championship match at the Rumble is still happening, so we’ll see the outcome of that.  My bets are on Mickie being there.

Interesting, Shawn Michaels’s belts didn’t have nameplates on them.  I couldn’t tell you if they’ve always been like that, but it’s odd.  That really was a spectacular match.

The Rumble still seems pretty unpredictable to me.  There are several people who could win.  I think there are officially 24 names or something…It should be interesting!  Can’t say if/when I’ll have a post about it as things are kind of busy.

I recently read a book written by Irvin Muchnick called Wrestling Bablyon: Piledriving Tales of Sex, Death, and Scandal. It was a really good book.  Very well written (a lot of it was articles the author had written for magazines in the ’80s and ’90s), and a lot of it was funny.  Some of it was a little shocking, and some of it was expected but not very pretty.  It covered basically what the title said, including steroids and other lawsuits Vince/WWE had.  It also has a few neat pictures within the text.  I highly recommend it, but again, it’s not a book for kids as it has some gritty stuff in it!  The author’s uncle (I think) was Sam Muchnick, who headed a wrestling promotion back in the territory days, which gave a little extra insight.  It’s pretty short, and some of the “scandals” are common knowledge, but I found it interesting nonetheless to go back in time a little.

Alright, what are they going to do about this stupid Screwjob thing…

Hey, I’d beat up Bischoff.  I wouldn’t blame Mick Foley nor would I fire him for doing so! He’s probably right about Bischoff being more beat up if he actually was attacked.  But anyway, I’ll stop that now and return to the actual show.  I’m glad Foley’s not gone.  I didn’t expect him to be, but still.

Mr. Anderson’s promo was…fun?  Mean maybe.  Obnoxious.  Heel-like! (Sorry, I’m done again.)  I wonder how hard it was to stop saying “Kennedy” for him.  Open challenges are always a bad idea, though, he should know that by now.   And okay, Jeff Jarrett.  Still being bossed around by Hogan and Bischoff apparently.  Crowd seemed to support Jarrett a lot.  I understand why he came out without music and stuff, but it was really strange to see.  It was a really good match.  Jarrett looked fine after being gone.  I wonder if they’ll have a rematch/feud of some sort because of the ending, or if Bischoff won’t allow it.  So my guess is that they’re using him as just a wrestler now…still don’t know what his role will be exactly.

Wow, Desmond Wolf has new tights (and they matched his opponent which always bothers me).  I’m not a big fan of V-uh, Sean Morley’s towel gimmick.  I think it’s funny that they always show women in the crowd and they just look bored or confused.  Hm.  Wolfe always does the thing where he runs to a turnbuckle and like, hops on it and stops, then turns around.  He just loses momentum, I don’t really see a point to it.  Good match though.

Hernandez held Daniels in that upright for a looong time.  Impressive.  It seems like Daniels took several hard hits.  It was a good match.

The Knockouts tag match was pretty good.  Hamada is a lot of fun to watch, and I’ve always been impressed with Tara.  It ended up like most TNA tag matches though, with lots of chaos and not knowing who is actually legal.

I had actually forgotten that Brian Kendrick signed to TNA.  And I’m very glad Generation Me got another match this week.  They have great energy and use double teams well, and are just really fun to watch.  They work so well with the Motor City Machine Guns, too.  I could see Amazing Red and Kendrick having some good matches actually.  And then of course all the sudden Amazing Red sprang back to life, but that’s how wrestling works!

Earl Hebner did it for the money.

I don’t even know.  Trying to perpetuate Hogan vs. Flair?

-The Nasty Boys/Team 3D promo was good to watch.
-Ah, I knew the Bobby Lashley friendliness wouldn’t last.
-Actually liked the Kurt Angle/Hogan promo.

TNA’s ratings were up last week.  I’ve been seeing rumors that they’re going to Mondays permanently.

Royal Rumble in 3 days!

Interesting that Mike Chioda was the ref for the Divas tag match.  It was a decent match.  Nothing really stood out but it was all well done.

Primo’s pyro is really neat.  And I’m sorry, but I’m a little sick of the Eve thing.  But moving on.  Primo and Chavo work really well together, their styles seem pretty similar.  I think adding Chris Masters to the Rumble is good.

I’d be happy to see Jericho win the Rumble.  It’s a possibility.  But it seems like ‘Taker is going to have the belt for a while.  And it also seems like they really want to tease HBK/’Taker at WrestleMania.  So we’ll see.  Crowd LOVED R-Truth’s promo with Jericho.

The crowd got insane when Matt Hardy’s music started.  I like watching DH Smith, he’s powerful and can get some great moves (suplexes, throws, slams) in.  And I like that Natalya actually does things instead of just standing there and looking dumb.  It was a great physical match (I feel like I sound like JR!).  If they continue this as a feud I like it.  Without Khali.

Watched the episode of Chuck guest starring Stone Cold Steve Austin before RAW.  He did a great job and it was a good episode.

I had seen on the internet in various places that one of Raw’s hosts had an appendectomy a few days ago so he was unable to appear.  That’s more than a legitimate excuse.  Dulé Hill did a great job.  He was very funny and at ease, and had some good little parts to play.

Big pops for DX, as usual.  I liked Cody Rhodes and Shawn Michaels together.  It seems like a lot of DX’s matches are HBK getting beat up and HHH then destroying people, then they both work together.

I’m not quite clear as to why Miz’s theme song only says “awesome” at the beginning sometimes.  Either way, I still like it.  Playing up MVP’s past a lot lately.  I think the way they’re doing it is fine, not saying it’s a good thing.  Got to have a good message for the kiddies!  Um, on that note, “damn,” “jackass,” and other things tonight were not so PG.  Interesting.  Miz is a great heel though, very easy to dislike.

Eve’s moonsault was pretty nice.  But she was a cheerleader so that’s not entirely surprising.  They had a good match, and Maryse hitting her finisher looked really nasty (as in, it was well done and looked like it hurt a lot).  Gail Kim and Alicia Fox had a good match, but I kind of expected Alicia to win.  Maryse vs. Gail Kim should be a good match though.

Vince is playing his part well, as always.  Bret Hart as one of the mystery entrants in the Rumble next week…?  I haven’t seen any rumors to that effect, which I just realized strikes me as odd.  Obviously that’s just what I’d like, and have no basis for it.  Anyway, Vince going through the crowd was pretty awesomely hilarious.  The Vince promos have been seeming to have little tastes of reality lately.  I’d bet Vince is making fun of himself, though.  Or something.  But Cena was real good.  REAL real good.  The wheelchair part was my favorite.

Miz and Kofi had a spectacular match.  It was exciting and fast paced, and all of their timing was spot on.  They work well together.  I was a little bit disappointed by the end, but at the same time maybe it will let them wrestle a few more times.

Why was Dulé Hill hangin’ out with Carlito?  He’s a bad guy!  (No, really, that was strange to me that they showed Carlito being amicable.)  They did the Alicia Fox one, well (and once again, Cena was really funny).

The video package they showed on the Royal Rumble was really neat.  I like seeing even clips of the old stuff, it’s fun.

Nice to see Cena get some offense in on Sheamus.  It was actually a good match, I was happy with it.  I figured it wouldn’t end clean, but I’m glad Sheamus was actually wrestling and showing his abilities.  I think people will take him more seriously that way (or not, but I think he should wrestle more).

William Shatner is going to be wonderful, no matter what.  Classic.

Once again, what I believe is the Rumble at the moment: MVP, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Santino Marella, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Big Show,Triple H, Kane, Batista, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, The Hurricane, Carlito

Something strange happened with my channels….MyNetworkTV decided to turn into another channel when I turned SmackDown! on, so…I missed almost all of the Batista/Finlay match except the promo at the end.  I know the broadcast was preempted in a lot of places by Hope for Haiti, and hopefully that program has great results.

Big heat for Punk again.  His Mike Knox beard is growing out well…Um, the promo was a little odd.  I liked the idea and Serena did a good job, but Punk’s just been gettin’ cult leader creepy!  [Serena Deeb wrestles for FCW, I believe as (formerly?) Mia Mancini, but don’t quote me on that.]  She had such pretty hair, too.  The crowd seemed kind of like, wow this is actually happening.

I’m glad the Morrison vs. McIntyre/Jericho match turned into a normal tag match.  I’m not the biggest R-Truth fan gimmick-wise, but his wrestling is fun to watch.  I know a lot of people don’t like McIntyre, but I do.  He’s wrestled more than Sheamus and has more of a personality than just yelling AHHH and beating his chest.  And if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a big Jericho fan.  I thought it was a decent match, maybe a little drawn out at points, but the end was exciting and fun.

The old clips of Mysterio were neat, but it almost seemed like they were remembering him after retirement or something.  Or maybe they just were expecting Undertaker to destroy him!  ‘Taker was his normal awesome, foreboding self.

Maria’s promo was REALLY good.  Mickie needed to finally stand up for herself, and Layla and Michelle McCool came off as complete morons at first.  I liked the whole segment until Beth came out.  It just got too far.  Hopefully they’re building up to a giant ass-whooping at the Rumble.

DX vs. Punk and Luke Gallows should be a good match next week.  It was a decent show tonight.  I wouldn’t say spectacular, but not bad.  A lack of Vickie Guerrero, though.  Sad.  She is fun.

The Rumble so far (some of these are confirmed by WWE.com): MVP, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Santino Marella, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Big Show,Triple H, Kane, Batista, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, The Hurricane, Carlito

Heard a rumor that Edge would be back for the Rumble.  That would be AMAZING, but it seems a little early for that.

The iMPACT intro is neat.  Has lots of shots of the new (old?) guys in it though.  One of the chicks with Ric Flair looks pretty uncomfortable…in the FOUR SIDED RING.  It looks normal, but at the same time odd to see the ring in that setting.  I also like that Flair said he didn’t know who AJ Styles was until a month ago, and only started watching TNA 6 months ago.  I don’t know, just seems like an odd thing for them to want to admit.  I’m not…Style’s promo was good but seemed just…well, they obviously wanted to change him.

Interesting to have the Flair/Hogan feud going and carrying on with the new generation.  Though it almost seems like if Hogan “called the shots” as much as they said, he’d just fire their asses!  More fun for Hogan to beat them up though, probably.  I kinda like it, we’ll see where it goes.  And here are some bulleted thoughts that were not sufficient for their own paragraphs.

-Callin’ him Cactus Jack, huh?
-Orlando Jordan looked good.
-I think we still don’t really know Jeff Jarrett’s status, unless I am confused.  Which is entirely possible.
-The Bobby Lashley/Bischoff conversation was a little bit strange.  Not sure if they decided they didn’t want the other angle or what.
-Scott Hall was a lot more articulate today.
-Did they change Hogan’s theme song?  It sounds a little different (and better).  But again, I could just be confused.
-I can’t be the only one afraid that Brian Knobbs’s head will explode/he will have a heart attack in the ring.

Ken Anderson looks great still (in case you missed it, he was the huge mystery signing debuting at Genesis).  Thought the mic wasn’t going to drop.  That would just be really funny.  It got out of there real quick though!  He cut a good promo and I think people there like him.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle put on another great match.  Not sure how I feel about the Screwjob ending.  I mean, the spitting and everything.  Wow.  Seems kinda like they are trying too hard and/or going too far with that one.  Destroying the set was a nice touch.

That blood’ll stain Bischoff’s hair.

Okay.  I will say this once and try to avoid the subject again.  I am not a fan of Bubba the Love Sponge.  I think having him associated with TNA will not do them any favors.  But now moving on.

The crowd seemed lively and into the show.  Allegedly producers told them they needed to behave, which upset people.  Also, the wrestlers seemed comfortable in the new ring.  It seemed like there was so much more room to move around (though I don’t know the square footage of the six sided ring, it seemed less open).  The ramp being level with the ring is interesting and helps them stay unique, which I know they want.

Superstars and TNA iMPACT tonight: this post will cover both, but will be divided into two sections because it was getting way too long.  Hence the more general (and catchy) title.

I think the Superstars theme song might be the best of all the WWE shows.  I hear it on the radio sometimes and it’s a really good song, but it’s high energy and the lyrics are perfect for a wrestling show.

The Divas match was pretty good, had some neat moves in it.  Most of it was pulled off well, too.  Sometimes Kelly’s moves just aren’t…fluid enough for my liking.  They look too set up.  But I notice that happening less and less lately, with a lot of the Divas.

The  Shelton Benjamin/Vance Archer match was solid.  Two seasoned guys in the ring is usually a good way to have a good match (but not always).  Not sure how the crowd feels about Archer yet. I’m not sure they hate him enough as the WWE would want, but it’ll get there.  This is a good feud to have, to put him against someone people know and like and allow them both to have competitive matches.  This one had some innovative moves, as people like to say.

I’m glad to see that Jericho’s swollen cheek healed quickly!  I was going to say that Kane has been having great matches lately, but I think he really always has and just hasn’t been at the forefront lately.  But this is another example of two seasoned guys in the ring having a really solid, fun to watch wrestling match.  Gimmicks and stuff are fun, but this is the kind of thing that could allow pro wrestling to be taken more seriously and maybe reach more viewers.

The commercial they played for WWE The Music Vol. 10 made it look like Jerishow’s theme song is on it.  If so, I will have to obtain a copy.  That is a good song.

Added to the Royal Rumble: Kane

Today I received a reply to my email to WGNTV Chicago’s programming department.  I had asked them why the show WWE Superstars was taken off air and said I was upset I could no longer watch it:

“Unfortunately, it didn’t attract enough viewers.

Thanks for writing.


That seems fair, and I’m glad I at least got a response.  I’m not sure what “enough” viewers are, though.  I’m also not sure where (or if) I could find information on the viewership…but apparently the show HomesPlus is better suited for the Sunday morning time slot in Chicago.

This leads me to believe that the show will not return to the line-up; I had asked this in my email as well and it was obviously not directly addressed.

Royal Rumble in 2 weeks!  And I’ll be looking for anti-Lane Kiffin signs throughout the broadcast.

Oh, Mr. McMahon.  Acting like such a bloodthirsty monster and pushing Bret Hart to the sky!  And Undertaker out of nowhere!  I actually did not see that coming (I knew he would be there, but I wasn’t thinking he’d interrupt Vince).  So, ‘Taker says no but HBK claims he’ll win the Rumble.  I have one problem with that match happening.  Two, maybe.  The match last year was pretty damn epic, and though they’re both great it could be hard to improve on; nobody wants a letdown match of that magnitude.  Also, if they break the streak…I don’t quite know how to finish that sentence.  I really, REALLY think that would be a bad idea.  And unnecessary.  And as a Wrestlemania XXVI ticket holder (YES), I care even more about this!  I guess we’ll see what happens at the Rumble; Shawn Michaels could very well win it and carry out his plan.

I guess Evan Bourne wasn’t TOTALLY crushed, but a random Shooting Star Press would have been nice.  I bet a lot of people wouldn’t mind Orton beating Sheamus to a pulp.

Hm.  I almost hoped Flair would come out of that limo.  Aaanyway.

I’ve been seeing stories about Cena’s back being injured, but he doesn’t seemed to have slowed down this week.  Kofi is looking just as energetic and exciting as always.  Those two together make a fun team, actually.

I got confused at the start of the Divas match when 1) they cut off intros really fast and 2) it didn’t stop at Maryse and Alicia Fox.  I think I missed the part where they said tag match until Gail came out.  Um, the match was alright, a few little misses it looked like.  But it seemed like Eve missed a lot; one dropkick especially was just off.  Her little roll into the submission looked like it would HURT though, it was new and interesting.

The guest host segments weren’t the worst, but they weren’t quite the best.  “The Flame” and his ring wear, though, was spectacular (although maybe a bit too close to Flair?  Reading too much into it?  Okay.).  The match actually worked out very well.  Had enough comic elements that showed Heder wasn’t actually trying to wrestle, but all the spots and timing and stuff worked out really well.  The feather stuck to Show’s arm when he got up was cute.  The end was good, too.  Shawn looked really mad for a second, I’m not totally sure what was going on, but I thought that was all handled well.

Rumble so far, I think (in no order): MVP, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Santino, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Big Show, aaaand Triple H.

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