Overall a great episode of RAW.  Generally solid matches and good promos.  The Triple Threat was a good idea (if not predictable, but that doesn’t necessarily matter!) and turned out to be a great match.  The stuff with Jericho is great.  I was afraid when they started talking they’d have Jerishow/DX again but thought Tyson was a great idea (and obvious once I saw it, haha).

I’m glad Kofi is in the title picture finally, at least a little bit.  And I’m also glad he now has pants that don’t fall down during his entrance.  That could never have ended well.  But really, I had hoped (and expected, frankly) Kofi to win the previous tournament thing with people who had never held a world title.  Really, though, I would like to see Sheamus wrestle an actual match and not just squash someone or get a DQ somehow.  I remember watching him at a house show before he debuted on TV (he wrestled Jimmy Wang Yang) and being impressed with his abilities.  They should give him more of an opportunity to show his skills.  But I understand they’re just trying to build him as a super-heel…it’s just getting a little old in his current state.

Also glad to see that the past couple weeks Bourne is getting more of a push…even if it is as a jobber.  It’d be exciting for him to win some matches.  The crowd seems to like him, and especially the Shooting Star Press which is just beautiful every time.  He is exciting to watch and has a lot of energy and skill.  A feud for the US title would be nice for him.
On that note, Miz is cutting great promos.  He is so obnoxious and easy to hate.  The new music they started last week was perfect for him.  Him and MVP can have a solid match or two.

They keep kind of teasing the breakup of Legacy, but I guess there has always been at least a little bit of trouble between them all.  It seems like the perfect dynamic because they can keep their egos but still be a powerful force.  Bad guys have loyalty, too!  Random yet related thought: Cross Rhodes is a great move.

I was actually glad to see Katie Lea finally pop up again.  It seems like they are actually trying to salvage the Divas division.  It’s been getting better the past few weeks; actual matches, story lines, etc.  I’m not personally a fan of the Piggy James angle, but that’s a separate matter.  A lot of them have been improving lately and the Divas Championship tournament is bringing back some importance to the Women’s division.  Before it seemed like the Divas’ personalities didn’t have to be consistent because they didn’t matter enough or something, but now actual plots and feuds are developing and people are stepping up their abilities and things are going better.  I hope this rise continues in the future.  I think if a few of them keep working there will be a large number of Divas with really solid and exciting in-ring skills and moves.

Still curious about the real feelings with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and even Bret Hart and Vince.  There are always the ideas that it was a work, of course, but it’s impossible to tell what’s going on behind the scenes with those guys.  How much have they actually talked?  Do they actually hate each other?  It’s interesting to think about, and it seems like any speculation would be merely that with no evidence.

No real deep theories today.  I am very curious to find out who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.  It seemed like the Stu Hart induction will happen, which would be really neat.  Wonder if Bret would accept for him…?