It seems like WWE is trying to revitalize their tag team division lately.  I like it a lot.  I think when they unified the belts there weren’t a lot of teams that really got attention.  Now there’s DX of course, The Hart Dynasty, Cryme Tyme, Legacy, and more recently Jimmy Wang Yang and “Slam Master J” (who seem to be fairly official now), CM Punk and Luke Gallows, Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta, MVP and Mark Henry existed for a bit, more mixed tag matches lately (hey, it’s something), and other random match-ups that occur all the time.  There have been a few other recurring teams lately as well, whether they’re going to be long term or not.  It just seemed like they broke up Miz and Morrison and Carlito and Primo, then just had some floating titles (went to Kofi and Punk for a bit), then created Jerishow, etc.  The division wasn’t completely gone, but there is definitely new life being breathed into it now.

I think this is a great thing.  Tag matches can be very exciting, especially when a team works together enough to really get good chemistry going and work out moves and stuff.  Also, if there are more teams, there can be more varied matches as they all interact.  Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty are generally good matches, but that’s been happening for months now.  There used to be a lot of really elite tag teams, but that has fallen by the wayside a bit.  But I think it could be on the way back.

I should discuss TNA tag teams, as well.  They have several well-established and powerful tag teams (still hard to resist saying “The Dudleys!”), and from what I’ve seen get a nice variety of matches/feuds out of it.  A couple of the teams are very exciting to watch, and overall it just seems like a more solid division that can stand on its own.  The women’s tag belts are also a neat (not new, but that’s no matter) concept.  But that goes into the Knockouts division as well as tag teams, which is a separate topic.