Jericho is a great way to start the show.  He is just spectacular; great promos, a developed personality, and really great and exciting ring work.  Jericho vs. Morrison was a solid match that was fun to watch.  I LOVED at the end how Morrison subtly half-tried to get his shoulder up and lifted his arm, he really sold the match there.

I really love what they did with Festus/Luke Gallows.  It is the perfect way to not only bring him back, but it also just works so perfectly for Punk’s gimmick.  Punk gets such good heat now, too.  I’ve seen a little bit on YouTube of his indie promos, and these are quite reminiscent of those.  Although the fact that people boo sobriety so much could be a little disconcerting, depending on how you look at it!  Except…just…shave the beard, Punk.  Please.

I was a little surprised that Khali and Matt Hardy came out to Khali’s music.  Crowd likes him, though.

The Divas storyline is a little roundabout…but I think a lot of people are getting to the point where they just want to see Mickie James beat the hell out of Michelle McCool, fair and square.  The focus on Mickie’s weight is a little controversial and I’m glad they stepped that down a little this week.  Any young girls, and also boys, who watch this shouldn’t be taught that Mickie’s body type is fat.  It’s just not true.

Kane and Ziggler have been having really good matches.  “Very physical match-ups,” as our buddy JR might say.  It seems like they have the kind of matches that the people who complain about wrestling being “fake” can even appreciate; not gimicky or overdone, just real solid athletic events.  I wouldn’t doubt that a lot of that is from Ziggler’s amateur wrestling background (which we are so often reminded of!).

The cage match was a little shorter than I originally expected, which is probably good.  It was a much more interesting match than I had expected after seeing it happen several times.  I wouldn’t think this feud is over by a long shot!

A good episode tonight.  Lots of good matches and promos.  No Vickie Guerrero tonight though, which is a little sad.  She is a fun one to have around and gets all kinds of heat!!