Superstars and TNA iMPACT tonight: this post will cover both, but will be divided into two sections because it was getting way too long.  Hence the more general (and catchy) title.

I think the Superstars theme song might be the best of all the WWE shows.  I hear it on the radio sometimes and it’s a really good song, but it’s high energy and the lyrics are perfect for a wrestling show.

The Divas match was pretty good, had some neat moves in it.  Most of it was pulled off well, too.  Sometimes Kelly’s moves just aren’t…fluid enough for my liking.  They look too set up.  But I notice that happening less and less lately, with a lot of the Divas.

The  Shelton Benjamin/Vance Archer match was solid.  Two seasoned guys in the ring is usually a good way to have a good match (but not always).  Not sure how the crowd feels about Archer yet. I’m not sure they hate him enough as the WWE would want, but it’ll get there.  This is a good feud to have, to put him against someone people know and like and allow them both to have competitive matches.  This one had some innovative moves, as people like to say.

I’m glad to see that Jericho’s swollen cheek healed quickly!  I was going to say that Kane has been having great matches lately, but I think he really always has and just hasn’t been at the forefront lately.  But this is another example of two seasoned guys in the ring having a really solid, fun to watch wrestling match.  Gimmicks and stuff are fun, but this is the kind of thing that could allow pro wrestling to be taken more seriously and maybe reach more viewers.

The commercial they played for WWE The Music Vol. 10 made it look like Jerishow’s theme song is on it.  If so, I will have to obtain a copy.  That is a good song.

Added to the Royal Rumble: Kane