The iMPACT intro is neat.  Has lots of shots of the new (old?) guys in it though.  One of the chicks with Ric Flair looks pretty uncomfortable…in the FOUR SIDED RING.  It looks normal, but at the same time odd to see the ring in that setting.  I also like that Flair said he didn’t know who AJ Styles was until a month ago, and only started watching TNA 6 months ago.  I don’t know, just seems like an odd thing for them to want to admit.  I’m not…Style’s promo was good but seemed just…well, they obviously wanted to change him.

Interesting to have the Flair/Hogan feud going and carrying on with the new generation.  Though it almost seems like if Hogan “called the shots” as much as they said, he’d just fire their asses!  More fun for Hogan to beat them up though, probably.  I kinda like it, we’ll see where it goes.  And here are some bulleted thoughts that were not sufficient for their own paragraphs.

-Callin’ him Cactus Jack, huh?
-Orlando Jordan looked good.
-I think we still don’t really know Jeff Jarrett’s status, unless I am confused.  Which is entirely possible.
-The Bobby Lashley/Bischoff conversation was a little bit strange.  Not sure if they decided they didn’t want the other angle or what.
-Scott Hall was a lot more articulate today.
-Did they change Hogan’s theme song?  It sounds a little different (and better).  But again, I could just be confused.
-I can’t be the only one afraid that Brian Knobbs’s head will explode/he will have a heart attack in the ring.

Ken Anderson looks great still (in case you missed it, he was the huge mystery signing debuting at Genesis).  Thought the mic wasn’t going to drop.  That would just be really funny.  It got out of there real quick though!  He cut a good promo and I think people there like him.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle put on another great match.  Not sure how I feel about the Screwjob ending.  I mean, the spitting and everything.  Wow.  Seems kinda like they are trying too hard and/or going too far with that one.  Destroying the set was a nice touch.

That blood’ll stain Bischoff’s hair.

Okay.  I will say this once and try to avoid the subject again.  I am not a fan of Bubba the Love Sponge.  I think having him associated with TNA will not do them any favors.  But now moving on.

The crowd seemed lively and into the show.  Allegedly producers told them they needed to behave, which upset people.  Also, the wrestlers seemed comfortable in the new ring.  It seemed like there was so much more room to move around (though I don’t know the square footage of the six sided ring, it seemed less open).  The ramp being level with the ring is interesting and helps them stay unique, which I know they want.