Watched the episode of Chuck guest starring Stone Cold Steve Austin before RAW.  He did a great job and it was a good episode.

I had seen on the internet in various places that one of Raw’s hosts had an appendectomy a few days ago so he was unable to appear.  That’s more than a legitimate excuse.  Dulé Hill did a great job.  He was very funny and at ease, and had some good little parts to play.

Big pops for DX, as usual.  I liked Cody Rhodes and Shawn Michaels together.  It seems like a lot of DX’s matches are HBK getting beat up and HHH then destroying people, then they both work together.

I’m not quite clear as to why Miz’s theme song only says “awesome” at the beginning sometimes.  Either way, I still like it.  Playing up MVP’s past a lot lately.  I think the way they’re doing it is fine, not saying it’s a good thing.  Got to have a good message for the kiddies!  Um, on that note, “damn,” “jackass,” and other things tonight were not so PG.  Interesting.  Miz is a great heel though, very easy to dislike.

Eve’s moonsault was pretty nice.  But she was a cheerleader so that’s not entirely surprising.  They had a good match, and Maryse hitting her finisher looked really nasty (as in, it was well done and looked like it hurt a lot).  Gail Kim and Alicia Fox had a good match, but I kind of expected Alicia to win.  Maryse vs. Gail Kim should be a good match though.

Vince is playing his part well, as always.  Bret Hart as one of the mystery entrants in the Rumble next week…?  I haven’t seen any rumors to that effect, which I just realized strikes me as odd.  Obviously that’s just what I’d like, and have no basis for it.  Anyway, Vince going through the crowd was pretty awesomely hilarious.  The Vince promos have been seeming to have little tastes of reality lately.  I’d bet Vince is making fun of himself, though.  Or something.  But Cena was real good.  REAL real good.  The wheelchair part was my favorite.

Miz and Kofi had a spectacular match.  It was exciting and fast paced, and all of their timing was spot on.  They work well together.  I was a little bit disappointed by the end, but at the same time maybe it will let them wrestle a few more times.

Why was Dulé Hill hangin’ out with Carlito?  He’s a bad guy!  (No, really, that was strange to me that they showed Carlito being amicable.)  They did the Alicia Fox one, well (and once again, Cena was really funny).

The video package they showed on the Royal Rumble was really neat.  I like seeing even clips of the old stuff, it’s fun.

Nice to see Cena get some offense in on Sheamus.  It was actually a good match, I was happy with it.  I figured it wouldn’t end clean, but I’m glad Sheamus was actually wrestling and showing his abilities.  I think people will take him more seriously that way (or not, but I think he should wrestle more).

William Shatner is going to be wonderful, no matter what.  Classic.

Once again, what I believe is the Rumble at the moment: MVP, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Santino Marella, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Big Show,Triple H, Kane, Batista, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, The Hurricane, Carlito