Royal Rumble in 3 days!

Interesting that Mike Chioda was the ref for the Divas tag match.  It was a decent match.  Nothing really stood out but it was all well done.

Primo’s pyro is really neat.  And I’m sorry, but I’m a little sick of the Eve thing.  But moving on.  Primo and Chavo work really well together, their styles seem pretty similar.  I think adding Chris Masters to the Rumble is good.

I’d be happy to see Jericho win the Rumble.  It’s a possibility.  But it seems like ‘Taker is going to have the belt for a while.  And it also seems like they really want to tease HBK/’Taker at WrestleMania.  So we’ll see.  Crowd LOVED R-Truth’s promo with Jericho.

The crowd got insane when Matt Hardy’s music started.  I like watching DH Smith, he’s powerful and can get some great moves (suplexes, throws, slams) in.  And I like that Natalya actually does things instead of just standing there and looking dumb.  It was a great physical match (I feel like I sound like JR!).  If they continue this as a feud I like it.  Without Khali.