Alright, what are they going to do about this stupid Screwjob thing…

Hey, I’d beat up Bischoff.  I wouldn’t blame Mick Foley nor would I fire him for doing so! He’s probably right about Bischoff being more beat up if he actually was attacked.  But anyway, I’ll stop that now and return to the actual show.  I’m glad Foley’s not gone.  I didn’t expect him to be, but still.

Mr. Anderson’s promo was…fun?  Mean maybe.  Obnoxious.  Heel-like! (Sorry, I’m done again.)  I wonder how hard it was to stop saying “Kennedy” for him.  Open challenges are always a bad idea, though, he should know that by now.   And okay, Jeff Jarrett.  Still being bossed around by Hogan and Bischoff apparently.  Crowd seemed to support Jarrett a lot.  I understand why he came out without music and stuff, but it was really strange to see.  It was a really good match.  Jarrett looked fine after being gone.  I wonder if they’ll have a rematch/feud of some sort because of the ending, or if Bischoff won’t allow it.  So my guess is that they’re using him as just a wrestler now…still don’t know what his role will be exactly.

Wow, Desmond Wolf has new tights (and they matched his opponent which always bothers me).  I’m not a big fan of V-uh, Sean Morley’s towel gimmick.  I think it’s funny that they always show women in the crowd and they just look bored or confused.  Hm.  Wolfe always does the thing where he runs to a turnbuckle and like, hops on it and stops, then turns around.  He just loses momentum, I don’t really see a point to it.  Good match though.

Hernandez held Daniels in that upright for a looong time.  Impressive.  It seems like Daniels took several hard hits.  It was a good match.

The Knockouts tag match was pretty good.  Hamada is a lot of fun to watch, and I’ve always been impressed with Tara.  It ended up like most TNA tag matches though, with lots of chaos and not knowing who is actually legal.

I had actually forgotten that Brian Kendrick signed to TNA.  And I’m very glad Generation Me got another match this week.  They have great energy and use double teams well, and are just really fun to watch.  They work so well with the Motor City Machine Guns, too.  I could see Amazing Red and Kendrick having some good matches actually.  And then of course all the sudden Amazing Red sprang back to life, but that’s how wrestling works!

Earl Hebner did it for the money.

I don’t even know.  Trying to perpetuate Hogan vs. Flair?

-The Nasty Boys/Team 3D promo was good to watch.
-Ah, I knew the Bobby Lashley friendliness wouldn’t last.
-Actually liked the Kurt Angle/Hogan promo.

TNA’s ratings were up last week.  I’ve been seeing rumors that they’re going to Mondays permanently.