I recently read a book written by Irvin Muchnick called Wrestling Bablyon: Piledriving Tales of Sex, Death, and Scandal. It was a really good book.  Very well written (a lot of it was articles the author had written for magazines in the ’80s and ’90s), and a lot of it was funny.  Some of it was a little shocking, and some of it was expected but not very pretty.  It covered basically what the title said, including steroids and other lawsuits Vince/WWE had.  It also has a few neat pictures within the text.  I highly recommend it, but again, it’s not a book for kids as it has some gritty stuff in it!  The author’s uncle (I think) was Sam Muchnick, who headed a wrestling promotion back in the territory days, which gave a little extra insight.  It’s pretty short, and some of the “scandals” are common knowledge, but I found it interesting nonetheless to go back in time a little.