Alright, finally.  With DX coming out first I knew something was going to happen to the tag match.  I was really glad to see Serena there with CM Punk and Luke Gallows (uh, still really hard not to call him Festus).  That’s a good idea.  I predict a match with Hart Dynasty at some point.  The matches they made seemed like very good consolations, to say the least.  HHH and Punk were great going back and forth.  They should have made a stipulation that Punk has to shave his beard if he lost…but anyway.  It was a good match, and nice to see Punk actually wrestle a little more again.  The end (though not unexpected) turned out kind of fun, actually.  I liked that they pulled out the clippers for HHH, and then HBK’s almost-super kick on Serena.  Jericho vs. R-Truth was good and had a neat ending, as well.

Batista in a sweater vest and that hat.

Putting John Morrison and Drew McIntyre in a no DQ match is a good idea with all the scuffles they’ve had.  Morrison’s promo was good, as always.  He’s always a little better on the mic when he’s trying to be mean.  I guess if you wanted to do things the old way this would be their first PPV match, having had the rivalry build up to a point and then showcasing it.  I think one of the women in the crowd tried to trip McIntyre with her cane haha.  Awesome.   That was really a great match.  Can’t say I’m super surprised by the result, because a no DQ match lets McIntyre do all the stuff he did to win last time.

I thought the McCool/Layla segment was pretty unnecessary and lasted a little too long.  But a far as I know the Women’s Championship match at the Rumble is still happening, so we’ll see the outcome of that.  My bets are on Mickie being there.

Interesting, Shawn Michaels’s belts didn’t have nameplates on them.  I couldn’t tell you if they’ve always been like that, but it’s odd.  That really was a spectacular match.

The Rumble still seems pretty unpredictable to me.  There are several people who could win.  I think there are officially 24 names or something…It should be interesting!  Can’t say if/when I’ll have a post about it as things are kind of busy.