February 2010

My apologies to those watching in the Chicago area where Smackdown is being pushed back due to Girls’ basketball tournaments.
Also, bobsledding is on which is so cool.  But I think Smackdown might keep most of my attention.

They are doing a great job with making people hate Jericho, making people love Edge, and building up that match.  Speaking of, my WrestleMania tickets came yesterday!  I think the AXXESS tickets we got are supposed to be for the signing with Kane and John Morrison, which is awesome.

Big boos for Ziggler.  Actually wasn’t sure who would win this match, which was kind of neat.  It was a good match.  I really like Morrison and Ziggler together.  I like that Ziggler won, though, I think he’ll do well in the Money in the Bank match.

Okay, they show that Shawn Michaels video package a lot but I watch it every time.  They just really, really did that well.

Oh I love Vickie and I love how much people hate her!  I figured it’d turn out like that.  Odd that Vickie “fell” out of the ring when McCool was in the cover, though, but that was a great move.  Sick of that feud, though, but it was a good match anyway.

Kane and Drew McIntyre had a really good match actually.  It took me a second, even though he’d talked about it, to realize that it was McIntyre’s first real loss.  Kane was great in MITB last year.  I think McIntyre looks better with his hair down, actually.  Looks more like an imposing figure or something.

Grr, I really wanted Jericho to be the one with three belts, but instead it’s Miz.  Oh well.

Interesting putting Shelton and Punk in a match; another one where the outcome really isn’t that clear since they were both big parts of the match last year.  That was a really fun match to watch.  Except I’m not too fond of the Mysterio interference.  Also, I would really like Punk to be in the MITB match.  I think it would really just cement people’s hatred for him if he won the match AGAIN (thus gloating relentlessly, of course) then cashed in on someone like Edge if he gets the title [or Cena or whoever, a big name that people love].  It would just make him so much more evil since cashing in on Jeff Hardy is what started his turn in the first place.

Edge looks great.  He is hitting some really great moves and doing them well.  Good to see the injury didn’t end up hurting him.  Spear.  He and Miz had a good match; when Miz actually wrestles a match he can pull it off.

A good edition of Smackdown!

According to WWE.com, Paul Burchill, Gregory “Hurricane” Helms, and Maria have been released as of today.

What the hell?  Burchill isn’t too surprising, he’d disappeared (but Katie Lea hadn’t).  There were rumors Helms would be gone after his arrest, but he had appeared on ECW after that, and it has died down now.  If that was it, it seems a little late, and also probably wouldn’t come with 2 others gone.  Maria wrestled on Superstars last night.  There was nothing said about this having to do with her Celebrity Apprentice stuff, either, it was just the standard future endeavored note.  And since it comes with other realeases, it seems like the TV show isn’t the reason.

I wouldn’t be very surprised if Burchill and/or Helms end up with TNA.  Helms especially since they have Shannon Moore now and Jeff Hardy…worked with them in some capacity at one point.

I understand AJ Styles calling Hogan out and stuff, it just seems…out of place, I guess.  Even just calling out such a well-known figure is bad, but your boss, too!   And Ric Flair seemed like he had no idea what’s going on, saying “THE” Abyss and “other” HOF and all the other stuff.  Please make it stop.  I was just waiting for Abyss to coldcock him.  I’ve never hated Flair so much, I almost feel like this is wrong, but…things have changed.  Also, why did he look SO shocked when Hogan came out?  Um, giving someone a ring doesn’t mean they’re in the HoF…whatever.  Anyway.

Tables match between Team 3D and the Nasty Boys.  Uh, I must have missed when Jimmy Hart got there.

Well, Daffney went bat shit again.  You’d think Stevie would learn and go out there with her!

I kind of like the Jeff Jarrett/Eric Bischoff dynamic right now.  Except I missed part of it because aerials in freestyle skiing are so freaking cool.

Kaz and Brian Kendrick had an exciting, fast-paced match.  The Flux Capacitor or whatever they call it scares me.  Looks like they get dropped on their head.

Hm, Eric Young and Kevin Nash got the crap kicked out of them, didn’t they.

What Bischoff’s doing to Foley is (obviously) a little odd.  There’s something going on; it’s probably more than just getting him out of the building.

“I think Hulk’s busted open, Mike.”  Can Hogan wrestle a match without bleeding anymore…?  From what I remember seeing pictures of the Australia tour, it was just a bloody mess.  Ah, well.  I actually glanced at the screen during the ‘attack’ and saw Styles in his suit and thought it was some random writer or something haha.  Whoops.  I think Hogan’s promos are going really well though.  Good way to build up the March 8th show.

Once again, Olympics vs. wrestling is a tough one!  But I will do my best.

You know, it’s strange to me that Flair is still in that opening thing, even after they took Jeff Hardy and Hogan out of it…

First match is Swagger and Regal (who’s on Raw now) vs. Santino and Chris Masterss.  During the entrance Regal was looking at Swagger like, uhh you’re a big guy but strange! haha.  Man, Swagger is big.  Masters was trying to put the MasterLock on, and he’s not a small guy, and Swagger seemed significantly bigger.

Primo vs. Zack Ryder sounds like a good match, and I liked it.  I could probably do without Rosa trying to say things all the time, but oh well.

Gallows came out with Serena, but no Punk, and squashed a local guy Silas Young.  Serena was wearing white, too, instead of her normal black.  I kind of feel like Silas is an OVW guy, but he’s not on the roster so I must be crazy.

The mixed tag rematch from last SmackDown was good again.  I think Maria has improved, actually.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if working with Natalya is helping because Natalya is awesome.  They had white ropes up for that one, which is a little odd, but I like them a lot.

Interesting, Hulk Hogan on a Rent-A-Center commercial (with Troy Aikman).  I’m assuming TNA had nothing to do with that, but I wonder if they thought, “Oh, wrestling! Hogan!”  Not a bad thought at all.

31 days until WrestleMania!

Okay, I told myself I was just going to watch RAW and not the Olympics and actually stuck to it!  That means the show was good, haha.

I am pleased that Jericho has the World Heavyweight belt now.  But…I thought he was banned from Raw?  Anyway.  He was all giddy and excited and gloating, it was good.  Edge coming out and saying he’d face Jericho was pretty obvious, but I’d be mad if it wasn’t the case.  That’s gonna be a good damn match.

There was a pretty awesome Cena sign in the crowd with moving parts (You Can’t See Me fashion).  Finally found out what the Batista not being in a Chamber was all about last night.  Shaping up for Batista vs. Cena at ‘Mania I’d bet.  Though did I say before that there are rumors of a Vince and Batista vs. Cena and Bret Hart match?  Seems possible, and they’re leading up to it well if that’s the case.  Though a Triple Threat with Sheamus and Cena has a chance, too, perhaps.
I kind of figured something odd would happen with the Cena/Batista match.  The beat down wasn’t unexpected, but I don’t really know what the whole DQ thing was all about.  Batista and Vince have plans again?  Also, Batista’s red forearm tattoo makes it look like he’s bleeding.

Wow, did the Divas title match actually happen?  There was one real bad spot but the rest of it was pretty good (for the whole four minutes that it lasted).  How do they expect us to take the Divas or that belt seriously if they keep doing stupid crap with it?

Well, the segment of Jewel and Ty Murray with the Divas got the point across; I’m sure they wanted to get her to sing somehow.  The bull riding competition was about what I expected.  The hosts interacted pretty well with they guys actually.

Seems like they’re turning Orton slowly still…It was a good match.  Nice to see Yoshi Tatsu (and Bourne, as always).  Too bad Kofi wasn’t wearing his cool new trunks and kickpads he wore last night.  Very glad they actually let Bourne hit the shooting star press and finally get a pin off of it.  I can’t say I didn’t see Orton’s attacks coming, but it was fun to watch (and that RKO looked pretty nasty!).

A nice little recap of Shawn Michaels’s breakdown (it was actually very well done).  I am not 100% pleased about the Undertaker/HBK rematch, but I predicted a lost costing Michaels his career long ago.  I really think he’s done.
Um, did anyone see at the PPV when they set ‘Taker on fire?  The pyro blew up around him and his coat like, actually caught a little bit so he ran to the ring.  Reports are he’s okay.  I noticed they cut down on the pyro when he was actually on the ramp tonight.  But it just proves that he is a huge badass.

I’m glad Christian is on Raw officially!  Hope it goes well for him.  He and Carlito had a good match even though the outcome was predictable; can still be a good match!  WrestleMania stuff really is starting to get going, it’s exciting!

The Unified Tag match was pretty good.  Henry’s shoulder had massive amounts of tape on it, haha.  I’m still not totally sure why they have the belts on Miz and Big Show, or what the plan is for this.  I realized there’s only one full-time face tag team, Cryme Tyme (but please correct me if I am forgetting someone obvious).

Vince’s little promo about Bret was interesting.  Seems nice and genuine, but you know Vince always has something up his sleeve!

Wendi Richter inducted by Roddy Piper, nice!  34 days until WrestleMania!

Again, might be switching back and forth between this and the Olympics so I could miss something.

Or not.  Anyway.  You know what though?  I haven’t been watching TNA as long as I’ve been watching WWE, but it’s been a decently long time by now.  But I still think I don’t always recognize all the guys (or know any of the theme songs for that matter), and sometimes I just can’t follow what’s going on.  Odd.  I actually kind of forgot they had a PPV, too.  Whoops.

Erm.  AJ Styles looks a little bit like a fool.  At least these girls didn’t look like being there was physical torture like that one a few weeks back.  Dinero had a good promo.  I like him, I think the gimmick works well.  WHY do they always ring the bell to try to stop random brawls that aren’t even matches?  The bell is not going to stop anybody, it only signifies the end (or beginning of course) of a match, and even then people ignore it.

Interesting that Tara was wrestling in a t-shirt.  Could have something to do with the couple wardrobe malfunctions she’s had lately…and then there it went.

That guy with Orlando Jordan looked like someone I know from far away.  I was glad it was not him.  Anyway.  He and Samoa Joe had a good match.  And I’d guess that Bischoff’s mad now.  His obsession with that bat is a little creepy.  But then again, he’s a little creepy overall.

“If I was lacing the boots up again, I would want to go head to head with what we call the competition.”  Okay, Hulk.

Wait, I’m sorry, did I miss something?  Are the Motor City Machine Guns bad guys now?  They’re teamed with Kendrick and Doug Williams….Anyway.  Generation Me is still really super to watch.  Kendrick’s such a strange little man.  Kaz looked good (in the little bit that he did).  I only sort of remember him so I don’t have a huge frame of reference.

Apparently I changed the channel at the wrong time.  I come back and Hogan’s saving Abyss from having his mask pulled off.  But I only saw part of the Abyss/Jarrett match leading up to it.  Okay, but then Hulk talking about how crippled he is.  But he’s wrestling in a few weeks.  That promo was a little strange.

I like Beer Money, too.  TNA really does have some great tag talent.  But there is still a lot of seemingly illegal double teams in their matches.  Also, Kurt Angel is crying.  And people freaking love it.  Does it make me a bad person to not totally care what he’s talking about…?  Maybe I’m just a little personally let down by wrestling this week.

I think at this point the wise thing to do would be to stop writing.  I’m still trying to catch pieces but I’m a little behind, and I don’t think I’m doing anybody any favors by recapping half of things!

I apologize if my posts are lacking tonight.  I enjoy watching the Olympics.

First match is Evan Bourne and Primo vs. Chavo Guerrero and Carlito.  Interesting to bring back that brother rivalry after ignoring it for so long, haha.  Seems like a good set of pretty evenly matched guys who could work well together.  The match was good, then got pretty exciting at the end.

So, Katie Lea’s been wrestling fairly regularly…I wonder where Paul is.  She and Gail Kim had a pretty good match.  An the Divas title match is actually supposed to happen Sunday finally…

I like the little Superstar profile things they show.  Jericho’s was neat, but how could it not be.

Eh, Knox vs. Mysterio.  Seen it, don’t really care a whole lot.  They were loud for Rey, though.  It was pretty much exactly as I expected haha.  I kinda wonder how much money is spent on Rey’s ring wear…

Not sure if I’ll be able to get a SmackDown blog in, and Elimination Chamber Probably won’t happen…busy weekend, sorry.

You know, people really like Orton.  Probably especially against Sheamus, but still, he always gets a decent amount of cheers.  Wonder if they’ll ever turn him (again).  Sheamus, please stop yelling and hitting your chest, you look like a gorilla a much as Swagger does when he does that!  Um, anyway.  I didn’t care for that match too much.  It was kinda slow and I feel like Orton didn’t look as fluid as normal.  Sheamus did very little to impress me.  Glad he got hit with an RKO, though.  So I guess the Legacy (or, Cody Rhodes) disputes continue…perhaps over for good soon?

Bret came up quick.  I like his Canada Olympics shirt.  It will be unbelievable to me if that was actually “goodbye.”  The backstage segment was…odd.  The reverse lights on the car were kind of a giveaway.  Not really sure what’s going on.  Maybe since he’s hurt Vince will decide to wrestle him?

While I am glad they attempted to combine the theme songs of Miz and the Big Show, it was not nearly as well done as the Jerishow theme.  But that is a lot to live up to.  Wow, big leg drop from Show.  I wonder if Mark Henry could lift Big Show up if he tried.  Cena can and it’s crazy every time he does.  I liked the ending of that match though, it suited Miz well.  And could get MVP another US title shot, who knows.

Took a while for them to bring Jerry out, didn’t it?  Ah well, they had to get in and hurt Bret early.  Man, Santino is always great.  I guess we kind of confirmed that Kelly shouldn’t talk much, haha.  I was amused by the segment, but at the same time it was a bit much.  And then it got a lot much.  Wasn’t it also NOT PG at all?  Not the worst guest host segment there’s been, though.  I do enjoy them bringing Mae Young in at random times!  It was kind of an odd way to incorporate the host though, and not have him do anything else.  Though I suppose with Elimination Chamber this weekend they don’t have to make matches for next week just yet.  The Final Thought was a nice touch; if they hadn’t done that I’d be bummed.

Kofi seemed fired up tonight.  The match wasn’t bad, but wasn’t spectacular.  I think they could put on a real good match sometime.

HHH vs. John Cena was (at least on paper) a huge match.  I figured they couldn’t really have a winner there though.  It was good, but not a lot of it really wowed me.  Maybe I’m asking too much tonight, I’m not sure, but overall Raw didn’t hugely impress me.  But while Sheamus was lifting HHH up for that scary finisher (Celtic Cross?), I just kept hoping he would be stopped.  That looked real tough for him.

The Elimination Chamber montage wasn’t bad.  That thing does look incredibly brutal.  There’s no way around it, if you get slammed onto a hard ground or into the chain links, it won’t feel good.

I will try to only say this once.  They NEED to stop showing the same replay of the same ‘attack’ two times in one show.  Especially if they showed it 2-3 times last week.

DiBiase and Inoki in the Hall of Fame…if nobody else, the class is already good.

Well, it’s official: TNA is moving to Monday nights starting March 8th.  Apparently they’ll be going live every other week.  WWE’s official response is that they’re not worried.

And…yeah.  Maybe I’ll decide how I feel about this at some point.  But right now something is telling me, WHY are you doing this…

The Punk/Mysterio match was good.  Punk put in a lot of submission holds and stuff that looked pretty evil, which are perfect for his character right now.  There were quite a few exciting counters and stuff that you don’t see much.  It looked pretty grueling actually and was a long match.  I’d like to see Serena wrestle a match soon though.  She’s doing well in the role she’s in and they’re using her well, but even squashing some local opponent would really help people hate her.

Is that Drew McIntyre’s new intro?  I’m not a fan.  I can’t say I’m a fan.  His old one maybe wasn’t perfect, but this new one is no good.  Too mellow; reminds me of Sheamus’s bad theme….It was a pretty good match.  They’re wrestling for the title at Elimination Chamber, which should work out.

How is the Mickie James/Michelle McCool and Layla thing not over?

Also, Batista certainly isn’t making any friends.  (Where was Teddy Long when Mickie was getting “punished” by Vickie Guerrero?).  Batista/Edge could be a good match.

The Matt Hardy and Great Khali vs. Hart Dynasty was alright.  I don’t really know what they are doing/can do with Maria with her other TV commitments and all, but it seems like they wanted to start something with her and Natalya.  Who knows.  I don’t know that that’d be too good because I feel Natalya’s skills are…superior.

It’s a shame Morrison got hurt.  Apparently he broke his ankle in three places; it was obvious he was in legitimate pain in the ring.  But his and Matt Hardy’s Twitter accounts say he’s wrestling again on their tour, so hopefully he’s okay.

People are loving Edge!  It’ll be interesting to see who wins at Elimination Chamber and who he’ll chose to go after.  Jericho and Undertaker had another great match.  I can’t believe Jericho hit a superplex.  That was crazy.  I was wondering why ‘Taker was being so respectful to Edge.  Then I found out!

43 days (from today, Saturday) until WrestleMania!

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