The new ref worked the Divas match.  I think it’s Rod Vista from FCW, but as always I could be wrong.  [Speaking of which, they now have Serena on their roster listed as “Serena Mancini” and have a picture of her bald.]  The match was pretty good.  I think it’s kind of funny how long they’re waiting to give the Divas belt to someone.  They’re almost acknowledging that it doesn’t matter!

Evan Bourne and Carlito had a good match.  Longer than I thought, which was good.  Bourne is so much fun to watch.  Not only his Shooting Star Press, but also just his overall energy and the way he sells moves SO well.  He flops around like crazy when he gets hit with stuff, it’s neat.

The 6-man tag with Matt Hardy, John Morrison, and Khali vs. Drew McIntyre and Hart Dynasty was a really good match, too.  I’m not the biggest Khali fan but eh.  DH Smith really does have some great technical moves (did I say that last week?  Probably.).  McIntyre worked well with his teammates.  There were a few cool things out of the ring, too.  I must say, though, that the Punjabi Plunge looked a lot less traumatic on a guy as big as DH Smith than on some of the little guys when he just tosses them like they’re dolls.

Oo, an NXT commercial.  That’s what they’re replacing ECW with in 3 weeks; apparently it’s going to feature the new guys more.  Same time, 10 PM Eastern on SyFy.

Cutting Edge on SmackDown tomorrow.  I am excited for that.

52 days until WrestleMania!