TNA can you please shop showing replays of the stupid Screwjob?   Thanks.

Mr. Anderson/Brutus Magnus was pretty solid.  It was pretty quiet in there.  Anderson talking about the 4-sided ring was amusing though.
Matt Morgan really looks like a wrestler.  He’s big and just built solid.  The thing with Team 3D and Morgan/Hernandez was very well done I think.

Oookay more Bischoff/Foley.  Foley is good.  Really good.  I feel like they’re trying to make him the voice for all the TNA fans that are pissed about what Bischoff’s doing on screen/what they think he’s doing to the company.  Bischoff did a really good job, too.  Do we know what’s going on with JB for real?  They’re doing a good job sending him off, at the very least…

Hm, seems awful quick to give Angelina Love a title shot after being back for…not long.  But then again, I guess she wasn’t really gone for that long and she was one of their top Knockouts.

Okay, sorry, things came up and the rest of this blog is not happening…