Jericho’s promo was just as good as ever.  Edge is getting some big pops.  I think if they keep going with that feud (how could they not?) it’ll be a really good one.

Does anybody else just sit and wait for Spinal Tap moments during Elimination Chamber…?

The Triple Threat qualifying match with Drew McIntyre, Kane, and John Morrison was probably my favorite Triple Threat in a while.  I remember a really spectacular one a while ago with CM Punk and Miz and Morrison while they were still a tag team.  That was so good.  But this one I thought was very well done, with good amounts of interference and never too much chaos or anything.

Not surprised R-Truth won.  Quick match.  Also, why are they deciding to edit Bret Hart now?  Batista’s beatdown of Cena seemed pretty brutal.

Hm, who does the crowd hate more, Batista or Punk?  I think Batista wins this round today, especially after they showed him dragging Cena around the ring.  Also, Punk repierced his nipples.  Um…wrestling with new piercings…ouch?  But I guess that wasn’t an issue anyway (not this night, but house shows and stuff?.)  Not really sure what happened there, but I’m sure the plot will unfold.

Jericho vs. Matt Hardy was another really good match, those two go well together.  I’d like to see Matt do some more moonsaults.  Since he’s been back from his abdominal surgery he’s done a couple and they were nice looking.  Much like Jericho’s lionsaults.  Those are awesome.

So glad Mickie James won the Women’s title.  She had some good words for the kids, too, which is always a plus for the WWE.  I expected Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James.  And then BAM Vickie Guerrero!  Oh I’ve missed her the past few weeks.s  She gets booed soooo loud.  That was a really good Divas match, actually.  Like, it might as well have been a men’s match, there was solid wrestling and all.  [Let’s be honest, Divas matches do not always have that element.]

Wow, haven’t seen Word Up in a while.  Not that I minded much.  Shad singing was pretty fun, though.  And you can’t beat the King.

Mysterio vs. Ziggler was yet another very good match, even though the outcome was fairly predictable.  Mysterio had some great moves though.

Oh, Edge.  I guess Edge being hurt in July and coming back now makes sense, 6 months.  It seemed shorter than that for some reason.  I look forward to seeing him wrestle more again!  I also look forward to a nice long Jericho/Edge feud that is sure to have exciting matches.  Edge is makin’ lots of friends with the way he talked to Jericho, as well.  Uh, Punk out of nowhere.  I would quite like and Edge/Punk grudge as well.  This is going good places.  Bummer that ‘Taker wasn’t there longer.  But overall a spectacular episode of SmackDown!