Finally the Triple Threat for the Tag Titles tonight!

The opening was great (though Kelly Kelly really doesn’t need to be a ring announcer).  Carl Edwards looked really comfortable in the ring and his reaction when Sheamus came out was good.  Christian’s music started and I was like, “Cool, Christian.  WAIT.”  I do wonder what they’re doing with him…Sheamus’s mic work is a little lame.  Christian is hilarious.  And making fun of no last names I liked, as well.  The match was decent.  Sheamus’s finisher terrifies me though.  It just seems like so much could go wrong.

Man, they were loud for HHH.  I was bummed that Punk and Gallows didn’t win, actually.  It’d be interesting to see what they did with them.  I’m not totally sure I understand giving Big Show back the belts and giving Miz more, but WWE creative is usually ahead of me.  Well, Shawn Michaels is imploding.  Not unexpected.

For some reason I feel like Orton hasn’t wrestled in a while, which makes no sense.  Anyway.  They’ve been teasing the breakup of Legacy for a while now.  Wonder if it’s actually happening!

I’ve been liking Cena’s promos a lot lately.  A lot of the security guards look little compared to Cena though, haha.  I’ve heard speculation of Vince and Batista vs. Cena and Bret Hart at Wrestlemania.  That’d be interesting because it gets the feuds going but doesn’t force Vince and Bret to have a full match.  Man, Vince knows how to piss people off, it’s great.  Thing is, I think it IS all about the money for Vince.  Man, I LOVED it when Bret came out.  I’m like a little kid again, haha.  That’s the perfect way to do it, though, to have him pop out of nowhere.  Good stuff, good stuff.

SO glad they’re inducting Ted DiBiase Sr. into the Hall of Fame this year!