I see interesting things happened in the part I missed last week with Nash and the rest of the NWO Band.

“I feel like I’m cool again!”  Ehh, maybe not the best choice of words, Hulk.  It makes you sound kinda lame.  And TNA.  I didn’t really like his promo for some reason.  For some reason I’m not a huge Eric Young fan from what I’ve seen.  I can’t put my finger on why, though, he wrestles well.  I liked Kurt Angel’s later comment that we don’t know what Hulk will do and that he’ll do anything to get attention.

I wonder if it’s strange/hard/something for those guys to wrestle with an audience so close when the can be so vocal.  I mean, indy promotions are often like that I guess, too.  But if you hear a bunch of people chanting “underrated” (or overrated, for that matter) at you, how does that affect your performance?  I wonder if half of them even hear it!  Also, the barrier and crowd seem a little close to ringside to be throwing people out so much.  That thing isn’t padded.

D’Angelo Dinero can be really fun to watch.  I think I vaguely remember him in WWE, but I couldn’t give specifics.  He’s very athletic and has exciting moves.

Is it wrong to be eating JR’s BBQ products while watching TNA?  They’re delicious.  Seriously.  If you want some good beef jerky or BBQ sauce, jrsbarbq.com.  Also, he writes up some great blogs about wrestling, BBQ, UFC, football, and other things.

Suicide/Matt Morgan was quick, but I liked it.  Seems like a big size difference, and at first I thought Suicide was too quick for them to mesh, but Morgan’s powerful but agile enough for it to have worked out.  I feel like I sound like I’m making things up now, but I mean it haha.

You can’t have Foley drop the flannel.  I’m starting to like hating Bischoff instead of just hating him!

The match for the X-Division title was really good.  Doug Williams’s finisher was insane.

I really like Tara’s hair with the big chunks of red.  I think it’s funny that they called the Tara and Angelina Love vs. The Beautiful People a handicap match.  Because, really, Lacey von Erich is probably a handicap if anything.  Okay, she hit a pretty moonsault sort of.  Maybe I take that back.  Maybe.

My brain still expects to hear “Kennedy” a lot of the time when Mr. Anderson comes out.  Kurt Angle’s superplex seemed a little quick and sloppy, but I trust he knows what he’s doing better than I do.  That was a pretty good tag match; not nearly as much of the chaos that happens in TNA tag matches.

Uh, is Ric Flair wearing his WWE Hall of Fame ring there…?  Slightly ironic, if nothing else.  Samoa Joe’s pretty much always pulls of his promos and matches.  Appealing to the fans was a good angle there, too.  I kind of feel like good guy AJ Styles is more believable, instead of his current whatever.  Maybe it just seems like he has to try too hard.  Holy crap.  Bischoff as referee in their title match at the PPV on Sunday.

As always, we will see where The Band and Hogan, et al. go.

Oo, the TNA Epics tonight is about Sting.  I might have to watch that.  He is awesome.  Another blog post tonight is possible.