I’m glad Santino is wrestling again! I know he’s comic relief, but I seem to remember him being a decent wrestler when he had the Intercontinental belt.  Him making fun of Swagger during the match was great.  Also, the gutwrench powerbomb seems like it would be fun if it didn’t hurt.

WOW, the crowd was loud for Christian.  That DDT Ryder hit Christian with on the apron looked good.  They both got some real neat moves in, though.  It was a great match.  Ryder’s gimmick is decent, and I think he’s a good wrestler.  Seems like he’d do well on SmackDown.  I can’t get over how loud the crowd is.  Could barely hear his music when he won.

Ziggler and JTG had a good match, as well.  I’d be okay with them wrestling more in the future.  I like the Zig Zag as a finisher, it looks mean and severe.  Should be a good episode of SmackDown tomorrow!  My post will probably be at least slightly delayed, though.