I didn’t watch the last Epics show they had that featured Kurt Angle.  I like the format of it, though, with the interviews and little bits of history.

The first match they showed was at 2006’s Bound for Glory vs. Jeff Jarrett, with Kurt Angle as the special enforcer, for the NWA world title.  Sting hit a technically perfect suplex on the ramp at one point.  It was a really good, physical match.  Sting won by submission, but only after Jarrett smashed his guitar over Sting’s head.

The next match was vs. Kurt Angle at the 2007 Bound for Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.  In the interviews they showed before the match they both said it was brutal, and they were not wrong.  It was basically non-stop energy the whole time with some insane spots.  Amazing.  Definition of a big PPV match.  Even the part where Angle tried a 450 flip or whatever he called it and basically landed with his feet on Sting’s chest.  Ouch.

The last match was vs. Samoa Joe at 2008 Bound for Glory (also for the TNA heavyweight title).  It actually took place at the arena where I graduated high school.  But anyway.  Yet another intense match!  They were all over the crowd (like, a lot, which was a little bit of a mess but made it look really brutal).  Joe launched himself off of a railing and landed on the stairs and almost hurt himself real bad.

That was a neat little show.  I wonder who the next featured wrestler will be.  Might watch no matter what since the matches they chose were so good.