The Punk/Mysterio match was good.  Punk put in a lot of submission holds and stuff that looked pretty evil, which are perfect for his character right now.  There were quite a few exciting counters and stuff that you don’t see much.  It looked pretty grueling actually and was a long match.  I’d like to see Serena wrestle a match soon though.  She’s doing well in the role she’s in and they’re using her well, but even squashing some local opponent would really help people hate her.

Is that Drew McIntyre’s new intro?  I’m not a fan.  I can’t say I’m a fan.  His old one maybe wasn’t perfect, but this new one is no good.  Too mellow; reminds me of Sheamus’s bad theme….It was a pretty good match.  They’re wrestling for the title at Elimination Chamber, which should work out.

How is the Mickie James/Michelle McCool and Layla thing not over?

Also, Batista certainly isn’t making any friends.  (Where was Teddy Long when Mickie was getting “punished” by Vickie Guerrero?).  Batista/Edge could be a good match.

The Matt Hardy and Great Khali vs. Hart Dynasty was alright.  I don’t really know what they are doing/can do with Maria with her other TV commitments and all, but it seems like they wanted to start something with her and Natalya.  Who knows.  I don’t know that that’d be too good because I feel Natalya’s skills are…superior.

It’s a shame Morrison got hurt.  Apparently he broke his ankle in three places; it was obvious he was in legitimate pain in the ring.  But his and Matt Hardy’s Twitter accounts say he’s wrestling again on their tour, so hopefully he’s okay.

People are loving Edge!  It’ll be interesting to see who wins at Elimination Chamber and who he’ll chose to go after.  Jericho and Undertaker had another great match.  I can’t believe Jericho hit a superplex.  That was crazy.  I was wondering why ‘Taker was being so respectful to Edge.  Then I found out!

43 days (from today, Saturday) until WrestleMania!