You know, people really like Orton.  Probably especially against Sheamus, but still, he always gets a decent amount of cheers.  Wonder if they’ll ever turn him (again).  Sheamus, please stop yelling and hitting your chest, you look like a gorilla a much as Swagger does when he does that!  Um, anyway.  I didn’t care for that match too much.  It was kinda slow and I feel like Orton didn’t look as fluid as normal.  Sheamus did very little to impress me.  Glad he got hit with an RKO, though.  So I guess the Legacy (or, Cody Rhodes) disputes continue…perhaps over for good soon?

Bret came up quick.  I like his Canada Olympics shirt.  It will be unbelievable to me if that was actually “goodbye.”  The backstage segment was…odd.  The reverse lights on the car were kind of a giveaway.  Not really sure what’s going on.  Maybe since he’s hurt Vince will decide to wrestle him?

While I am glad they attempted to combine the theme songs of Miz and the Big Show, it was not nearly as well done as the Jerishow theme.  But that is a lot to live up to.  Wow, big leg drop from Show.  I wonder if Mark Henry could lift Big Show up if he tried.  Cena can and it’s crazy every time he does.  I liked the ending of that match though, it suited Miz well.  And could get MVP another US title shot, who knows.

Took a while for them to bring Jerry out, didn’t it?  Ah well, they had to get in and hurt Bret early.  Man, Santino is always great.  I guess we kind of confirmed that Kelly shouldn’t talk much, haha.  I was amused by the segment, but at the same time it was a bit much.  And then it got a lot much.  Wasn’t it also NOT PG at all?  Not the worst guest host segment there’s been, though.  I do enjoy them bringing Mae Young in at random times!  It was kind of an odd way to incorporate the host though, and not have him do anything else.  Though I suppose with Elimination Chamber this weekend they don’t have to make matches for next week just yet.  The Final Thought was a nice touch; if they hadn’t done that I’d be bummed.

Kofi seemed fired up tonight.  The match wasn’t bad, but wasn’t spectacular.  I think they could put on a real good match sometime.

HHH vs. John Cena was (at least on paper) a huge match.  I figured they couldn’t really have a winner there though.  It was good, but not a lot of it really wowed me.  Maybe I’m asking too much tonight, I’m not sure, but overall Raw didn’t hugely impress me.  But while Sheamus was lifting HHH up for that scary finisher (Celtic Cross?), I just kept hoping he would be stopped.  That looked real tough for him.

The Elimination Chamber montage wasn’t bad.  That thing does look incredibly brutal.  There’s no way around it, if you get slammed onto a hard ground or into the chain links, it won’t feel good.

I will try to only say this once.  They NEED to stop showing the same replay of the same ‘attack’ two times in one show.  Especially if they showed it 2-3 times last week.

DiBiase and Inoki in the Hall of Fame…if nobody else, the class is already good.