I apologize if my posts are lacking tonight.  I enjoy watching the Olympics.

First match is Evan Bourne and Primo vs. Chavo Guerrero and Carlito.  Interesting to bring back that brother rivalry after ignoring it for so long, haha.  Seems like a good set of pretty evenly matched guys who could work well together.  The match was good, then got pretty exciting at the end.

So, Katie Lea’s been wrestling fairly regularly…I wonder where Paul is.  She and Gail Kim had a pretty good match.  An the Divas title match is actually supposed to happen Sunday finally…

I like the little Superstar profile things they show.  Jericho’s was neat, but how could it not be.

Eh, Knox vs. Mysterio.  Seen it, don’t really care a whole lot.  They were loud for Rey, though.  It was pretty much exactly as I expected haha.  I kinda wonder how much money is spent on Rey’s ring wear…

Not sure if I’ll be able to get a SmackDown blog in, and Elimination Chamber Probably won’t happen…busy weekend, sorry.