Again, might be switching back and forth between this and the Olympics so I could miss something.

Or not.  Anyway.  You know what though?  I haven’t been watching TNA as long as I’ve been watching WWE, but it’s been a decently long time by now.  But I still think I don’t always recognize all the guys (or know any of the theme songs for that matter), and sometimes I just can’t follow what’s going on.  Odd.  I actually kind of forgot they had a PPV, too.  Whoops.

Erm.  AJ Styles looks a little bit like a fool.  At least these girls didn’t look like being there was physical torture like that one a few weeks back.  Dinero had a good promo.  I like him, I think the gimmick works well.  WHY do they always ring the bell to try to stop random brawls that aren’t even matches?  The bell is not going to stop anybody, it only signifies the end (or beginning of course) of a match, and even then people ignore it.

Interesting that Tara was wrestling in a t-shirt.  Could have something to do with the couple wardrobe malfunctions she’s had lately…and then there it went.

That guy with Orlando Jordan looked like someone I know from far away.  I was glad it was not him.  Anyway.  He and Samoa Joe had a good match.  And I’d guess that Bischoff’s mad now.  His obsession with that bat is a little creepy.  But then again, he’s a little creepy overall.

“If I was lacing the boots up again, I would want to go head to head with what we call the competition.”  Okay, Hulk.

Wait, I’m sorry, did I miss something?  Are the Motor City Machine Guns bad guys now?  They’re teamed with Kendrick and Doug Williams….Anyway.  Generation Me is still really super to watch.  Kendrick’s such a strange little man.  Kaz looked good (in the little bit that he did).  I only sort of remember him so I don’t have a huge frame of reference.

Apparently I changed the channel at the wrong time.  I come back and Hogan’s saving Abyss from having his mask pulled off.  But I only saw part of the Abyss/Jarrett match leading up to it.  Okay, but then Hulk talking about how crippled he is.  But he’s wrestling in a few weeks.  That promo was a little strange.

I like Beer Money, too.  TNA really does have some great tag talent.  But there is still a lot of seemingly illegal double teams in their matches.  Also, Kurt Angel is crying.  And people freaking love it.  Does it make me a bad person to not totally care what he’s talking about…?  Maybe I’m just a little personally let down by wrestling this week.

I think at this point the wise thing to do would be to stop writing.  I’m still trying to catch pieces but I’m a little behind, and I don’t think I’m doing anybody any favors by recapping half of things!