Okay, I told myself I was just going to watch RAW and not the Olympics and actually stuck to it!  That means the show was good, haha.

I am pleased that Jericho has the World Heavyweight belt now.  But…I thought he was banned from Raw?  Anyway.  He was all giddy and excited and gloating, it was good.  Edge coming out and saying he’d face Jericho was pretty obvious, but I’d be mad if it wasn’t the case.  That’s gonna be a good damn match.

There was a pretty awesome Cena sign in the crowd with moving parts (You Can’t See Me fashion).  Finally found out what the Batista not being in a Chamber was all about last night.  Shaping up for Batista vs. Cena at ‘Mania I’d bet.  Though did I say before that there are rumors of a Vince and Batista vs. Cena and Bret Hart match?  Seems possible, and they’re leading up to it well if that’s the case.  Though a Triple Threat with Sheamus and Cena has a chance, too, perhaps.
I kind of figured something odd would happen with the Cena/Batista match.  The beat down wasn’t unexpected, but I don’t really know what the whole DQ thing was all about.  Batista and Vince have plans again?  Also, Batista’s red forearm tattoo makes it look like he’s bleeding.

Wow, did the Divas title match actually happen?  There was one real bad spot but the rest of it was pretty good (for the whole four minutes that it lasted).  How do they expect us to take the Divas or that belt seriously if they keep doing stupid crap with it?

Well, the segment of Jewel and Ty Murray with the Divas got the point across; I’m sure they wanted to get her to sing somehow.  The bull riding competition was about what I expected.  The hosts interacted pretty well with they guys actually.

Seems like they’re turning Orton slowly still…It was a good match.  Nice to see Yoshi Tatsu (and Bourne, as always).  Too bad Kofi wasn’t wearing his cool new trunks and kickpads he wore last night.  Very glad they actually let Bourne hit the shooting star press and finally get a pin off of it.  I can’t say I didn’t see Orton’s attacks coming, but it was fun to watch (and that RKO looked pretty nasty!).

A nice little recap of Shawn Michaels’s breakdown (it was actually very well done).  I am not 100% pleased about the Undertaker/HBK rematch, but I predicted a lost costing Michaels his career long ago.  I really think he’s done.
Um, did anyone see at the PPV when they set ‘Taker on fire?  The pyro blew up around him and his coat like, actually caught a little bit so he ran to the ring.  Reports are he’s okay.  I noticed they cut down on the pyro when he was actually on the ramp tonight.  But it just proves that he is a huge badass.

I’m glad Christian is on Raw officially!  Hope it goes well for him.  He and Carlito had a good match even though the outcome was predictable; can still be a good match!  WrestleMania stuff really is starting to get going, it’s exciting!

The Unified Tag match was pretty good.  Henry’s shoulder had massive amounts of tape on it, haha.  I’m still not totally sure why they have the belts on Miz and Big Show, or what the plan is for this.  I realized there’s only one full-time face tag team, Cryme Tyme (but please correct me if I am forgetting someone obvious).

Vince’s little promo about Bret was interesting.  Seems nice and genuine, but you know Vince always has something up his sleeve!

Wendi Richter inducted by Roddy Piper, nice!  34 days until WrestleMania!