Once again, Olympics vs. wrestling is a tough one!  But I will do my best.

You know, it’s strange to me that Flair is still in that opening thing, even after they took Jeff Hardy and Hogan out of it…

First match is Swagger and Regal (who’s on Raw now) vs. Santino and Chris Masterss.  During the entrance Regal was looking at Swagger like, uhh you’re a big guy but strange! haha.  Man, Swagger is big.  Masters was trying to put the MasterLock on, and he’s not a small guy, and Swagger seemed significantly bigger.

Primo vs. Zack Ryder sounds like a good match, and I liked it.  I could probably do without Rosa trying to say things all the time, but oh well.

Gallows came out with Serena, but no Punk, and squashed a local guy Silas Young.  Serena was wearing white, too, instead of her normal black.  I kind of feel like Silas is an OVW guy, but he’s not on the roster so I must be crazy.

The mixed tag rematch from last SmackDown was good again.  I think Maria has improved, actually.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if working with Natalya is helping because Natalya is awesome.  They had white ropes up for that one, which is a little odd, but I like them a lot.

Interesting, Hulk Hogan on a Rent-A-Center commercial (with Troy Aikman).  I’m assuming TNA had nothing to do with that, but I wonder if they thought, “Oh, wrestling! Hogan!”  Not a bad thought at all.

31 days until WrestleMania!