I understand AJ Styles calling Hogan out and stuff, it just seems…out of place, I guess.  Even just calling out such a well-known figure is bad, but your boss, too!   And Ric Flair seemed like he had no idea what’s going on, saying “THE” Abyss and “other” HOF and all the other stuff.  Please make it stop.  I was just waiting for Abyss to coldcock him.  I’ve never hated Flair so much, I almost feel like this is wrong, but…things have changed.  Also, why did he look SO shocked when Hogan came out?  Um, giving someone a ring doesn’t mean they’re in the HoF…whatever.  Anyway.

Tables match between Team 3D and the Nasty Boys.  Uh, I must have missed when Jimmy Hart got there.

Well, Daffney went bat shit again.  You’d think Stevie would learn and go out there with her!

I kind of like the Jeff Jarrett/Eric Bischoff dynamic right now.  Except I missed part of it because aerials in freestyle skiing are so freaking cool.

Kaz and Brian Kendrick had an exciting, fast-paced match.  The Flux Capacitor or whatever they call it scares me.  Looks like they get dropped on their head.

Hm, Eric Young and Kevin Nash got the crap kicked out of them, didn’t they.

What Bischoff’s doing to Foley is (obviously) a little odd.  There’s something going on; it’s probably more than just getting him out of the building.

“I think Hulk’s busted open, Mike.”  Can Hogan wrestle a match without bleeding anymore…?  From what I remember seeing pictures of the Australia tour, it was just a bloody mess.  Ah, well.  I actually glanced at the screen during the ‘attack’ and saw Styles in his suit and thought it was some random writer or something haha.  Whoops.  I think Hogan’s promos are going really well though.  Good way to build up the March 8th show.