My apologies to those watching in the Chicago area where Smackdown is being pushed back due to Girls’ basketball tournaments.
Also, bobsledding is on which is so cool.  But I think Smackdown might keep most of my attention.

They are doing a great job with making people hate Jericho, making people love Edge, and building up that match.  Speaking of, my WrestleMania tickets came yesterday!  I think the AXXESS tickets we got are supposed to be for the signing with Kane and John Morrison, which is awesome.

Big boos for Ziggler.  Actually wasn’t sure who would win this match, which was kind of neat.  It was a good match.  I really like Morrison and Ziggler together.  I like that Ziggler won, though, I think he’ll do well in the Money in the Bank match.

Okay, they show that Shawn Michaels video package a lot but I watch it every time.  They just really, really did that well.

Oh I love Vickie and I love how much people hate her!  I figured it’d turn out like that.  Odd that Vickie “fell” out of the ring when McCool was in the cover, though, but that was a great move.  Sick of that feud, though, but it was a good match anyway.

Kane and Drew McIntyre had a really good match actually.  It took me a second, even though he’d talked about it, to realize that it was McIntyre’s first real loss.  Kane was great in MITB last year.  I think McIntyre looks better with his hair down, actually.  Looks more like an imposing figure or something.

Grr, I really wanted Jericho to be the one with three belts, but instead it’s Miz.  Oh well.

Interesting putting Shelton and Punk in a match; another one where the outcome really isn’t that clear since they were both big parts of the match last year.  That was a really fun match to watch.  Except I’m not too fond of the Mysterio interference.  Also, I would really like Punk to be in the MITB match.  I think it would really just cement people’s hatred for him if he won the match AGAIN (thus gloating relentlessly, of course) then cashed in on someone like Edge if he gets the title [or Cena or whoever, a big name that people love].  It would just make him so much more evil since cashing in on Jeff Hardy is what started his turn in the first place.

Edge looks great.  He is hitting some really great moves and doing them well.  Good to see the injury didn’t end up hurting him.  Spear.  He and Miz had a good match; when Miz actually wrestles a match he can pull it off.

A good edition of Smackdown!