According to, Paul Burchill, Gregory “Hurricane” Helms, and Maria have been released as of today.

What the hell?  Burchill isn’t too surprising, he’d disappeared (but Katie Lea hadn’t).  There were rumors Helms would be gone after his arrest, but he had appeared on ECW after that, and it has died down now.  If that was it, it seems a little late, and also probably wouldn’t come with 2 others gone.  Maria wrestled on Superstars last night.  There was nothing said about this having to do with her Celebrity Apprentice stuff, either, it was just the standard future endeavored note.  And since it comes with other realeases, it seems like the TV show isn’t the reason.

I wouldn’t be very surprised if Burchill and/or Helms end up with TNA.  Helms especially since they have Shannon Moore now and Jeff Hardy…worked with them in some capacity at one point.