March 2010

I actually completely forgot that TNA was on last night.

I also never got around to watching last weeks.  Um, I guess I’ll try to get this week’s in soon?  My apologies…

EDIT 3-31

Okay, here’s the post.

The part with The Band was…kind of annoying.  I feel like Scott Hall wearing wrestling trunks is a poor choice.

I actually thought the tag match with Shannon Moore and Kazarian vs. Doug Williams and Brian Kendrick was really good.  It wasn’t the usual TNA tag match mess.  Except I thought Williams was the legal man when Moore pinned Kendrick, but what do I know.

I thought the list Machismo brought to Bischoff was HILARIOUSly ironic.  I mean, come on.  You know they’d have Junk Yard Dog and Koko B Ware if they could.

The Orlando Jordan thing was weird as hell.  That is all.

The first blood Knockouts match worked well for those two.  It just seemed like a beatdown.

Other than being sick of Flair, I thought the Styles/Jarrett match was very good wrestling-wise (minus the ref bumps and all, but they were probably kind of necessary for the story).

The main event didn’t last quite as long as I expected and wasn’t as awesome as I thought it could be…but then I remembered the physical capacities of the Band and it all made sense.  Eric Young actually looked a little uncomfortable right before his elbow drop off the top of the cage I think.  The cage looks good, though.

Overall, a respectable episode I guess.  That nobody saw…the rating was .6.  I think moving an hour earlier next week will definitely benefit them.  I’ll probably watch the first hour.

A spectacular night.  The stadium was really great.  Very clean with a lot of food and merch areas set up.  The retractable roof is so cool, and pretty quick.  They opened and closed it I think three times during the night (I think for fireworks, lighting, etc.).  I think they only changed the canvas twice, which is less than the last PPV I went to, but they swept it between almost every match.  I was sitting basically directly behind the ring across from the camera, in row 21.  Amazing view.

I might not do too great a job with the matches here.  I’m going to re-watch them at some point so I’m going off memory.

The dark match was a 26-man battle royal.  They all hardly fit in the ring at first!  The NXT guys were standing at the top of the ramp watching, which I thought was a good idea.  It gave them more exposure and also let them see a WrestleMania crowd.  The match started off as can be expected with 26 people in the ring, but it turned out very well.  I was a bit surprised that Yoshi Tatsu won, but it was exciting for him.  He got a good reaction.

The Unified Tag match seemed a little quiet after the loud reactions to the entrances.  I think R-Truth and Morrison both got slightly new TitanTron videos, but I’m not completely sure.  It was a good match; I was leaning towards MizShow or whoever retaining, so that didn’t surprise me (though I can’t say I’m 100% happy about it).

The Triple Threat was a good match.  Cody seems to look more old-school every time he changes outfits!  Ah, that’s one thing I love about WrestleMania, they all get new clothes!  Anyway.  Ted busted his head a bit at one point, but it didn’t look too bad so they didn’t stop the match.  The ref did put on gloves, though.  Big cheers for Orton.  He got up in the corner and hit his pose; that’s how you know he’s a good guy again! (Well, as good as Orton is,  I guess.)  He was standing there for a while then climbed down, but that was during the replays so they had him go back up so they could film it.

I really liked Money in the Bank.  I think people enjoyed seeing McIntyre get his ass kicked.  Bourne stole the show at a couple points, and Christian, Kofi, and Hardy had some huge moments as well.  I thought Kane was great.  I was a little bit surprised that Swagger won.  There were a couple in there I knew wouldn’t win (McIntyre, didn’t think Hardy would).  I didn’t think Swagger was out of it completely, but he wasn’t one I picked as most likely.  It took him about a year to unclip the briefcase haha.  It was a good match though and like I said in my RAW post, I think it’s good that he won.

Triple H vs. Sheamus was not bad at all, but I wouldn’t say spectacular.  Sheamus needed to lose that.

I liked Punk vs. Mysterio.  It took me until the end of the match to realize Mysterio was dressed like a character from Avatar, but that’s not that important.  There was something wrong with his entrance, it took forever and then all the sudden he was kneeling on the ramp, I think I missed it.  I knew Punk couldn’t win because they would never put Mysterio in the Society, but I thought they did a great job (as did Serena and Luke Gallows!).

I’m happy Bret beat the hell out of Vince, because that is exactly what happened.  Also all along I wanted Natalya to hit him, so I was happy.  I liked that they managed to incorporate the rest of the Hart family into the match, I think it helped make it more meaningful.  It was also good though that Tyson and DH Smith (and Bret obviously) did most/all of the actual fighting and they weren’t trying to force things to happen.  It seemed that a lot of people got restless in the middle of the match when Bret had the chair, and especially the crowbar,  for so long, and just wanted a SharpShooter to end it.  That was the only way it could end, and it was awesome.

Edge vs. Jericho was just about a perfect match.  It was very well done and I expected nothing less.  I wasn’t really sure who’d win, and I would have been happy either way, but now Jericho can gloat endlessly which will be great.

I actually enjoyed the Divas match!  Vickie actually wrestling was just spectacular as well.  But I thought, even though it was fairly short, that the moves they did were good (except Eve’s stupid thing that she always misses) and it was just…not terrible like those matches can be.  I’m still surprised Mickie James is wrestling already but I think it’s awesome for her.

While watching the Cena/Batista match, I realized I didn’t care much about it.  It wasn’t really bad, it was fine, and what I expected.  I just wasn’t terribly invested in it, but that was personal and didn’t have anything to do with the promotion or the wrestling.  I thought it was kind of dumb that big bad Batista tapped out so quick, but I understand why they did that.

And, of course, Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels.  I’ve been avoiding rewatching last year’s match because I thought this one couldn’t be nearly as good.  It was maybe not quite on the same epic level, but I would definitely not say that I was disappointed at all.  It was a really great match.  They had some big spots and just handled everything so perfectly.  I was pretty sure HBK was done, too.  But after the match ‘Taker stumbled up and hugged him and left, leaving Shawn in the ring.  It was obviously historic and pretty sad to realize it was his last match, but I think it couldn’t have been done better.

I took pictures of the set and entrances (along with some memorabilia and stuff at Axxess).  At some point I’ll go through them and post the ones I like.

The whole night was just great.  There really is something about a WrestleMania crowd.  Obviously it’s bigger, but there really did seem to be an extra buzz in the air and it was a really cool thing to be a part of.  I feel like this little recap didn’t do anything justice!

WrestleMania post will be up tomorrow or the day after.  I need to make sure it makes sense and is accurate, and I have SO much to do tonight and tomorrow that I just can’t give it the attention at the moment.

So, a Shawn Michaels goodbye tonight.  I’m kind of glad it wasn’t last night.  He would have cried and it would have been very upsetting.

Yeah, noticed last night that it wasn’t a very Cena-friendly place (well, relatively).  Swagger looked awkward during his attack.

Super cool that they brought all the Legends out!  Except the guest hosts completely bombed that segment.  A lot.

Uh, Miz…dumb.  I know they want people to hate him but saying he’ll match ‘Taker’s streak is just ridiculous.  Give the Hart Dynasty the titles.  Please and thank you.  This better be the start of a feud!  I thought it was a good match, too.  I liked seeing Kidd use a SharpShooter, too.  Now all we need is a Beth Phoenix/Natalya feud to go along with the Hart Dynasty’s tag belts, right?

Wow.  The graphic with the Cena/? vs. Batista/Swagger match…did you see the awful rendition of the briefcase they tried to photoshop into Swagger’s arms?  Bad, WWE, bad.

Hahaha Mark Henry in the hot tub.  Spectacular.

Swagger redeemed himself with his promo before his match.  Oh duh.  I couldn’t figure out who Cena’s partner was going to be, and I forgot Orton existed or something.  Swagger still seems a touch out of place in this match since the other three are just such big names.  I think him being a big guy helps a lot, it’s much more believable than having a “lower-level” little guy in there.  I think physically Swagger fits in great, but also wrestling wise he can keep up with them (which some would argue isn’t hard with Batista or Cena, but that’s not the issue).  So I think now I’ve decided that having Swagger win MITB was a good idea, because he can fit in well with the current main-eventers.  I guess I see him as a kind of intermediate, he has the ‘old’ style but also is young.  I’m making things up now.  Also, Orton is completely over (in the wrestling sense) after last night!

I really liked the clips of HBK’s career throughout the show.  Having ‘Taker come out and tip his hat was very powerful.  Oh god, the tears.  Um, not much I can say about that speech really.  I will certainly miss him, as will the entire wrestling business.

Basically, Axxess was awesome.  For one, I thought it was very well run with staff where they needed to be (who were all very nice), lots of space for lines, and a good layout with a lot of different activities.  Right as we walked in we saw Beth Phoenix coming down a corridor, and it turns out she was one of the people to take pictures with(there were 2 photo stations and 6 signing stations I think)!  That line was kinda long but worth it, haha.  After that we went to see Tyler Reks, which I was excited about because I like him (even though he has kind of disappeared at the moment!).  Caylen Croft, Trent Beretta and Mark Henry also were signing things (along with someone else who I couldn’t see, haha), with Savannah at the other photo sation.  Then halfway through it switched and Mickie James and Tiffany were at signing stations with all the NXT Rookies signing.  I heard some people complaining that it was like former ECW guys and then NXT guys, but I was happy because it was people I like!

Croft and Baretta (who were at different tables) each had a box of tissues, which I found kind of amusing, but anyway.  Heath Slater was super nice; they were all very nice.  I obviously didn’t expect them to be mean, but most of them would at least ask if you were having fun, where you were from, etc., which I thought was nice.  Nobody looked like they didn’t want to be there, though I’d bet some of them probably didn’t!  The line to take pictures with Mickie James was massive, so I didn’t get a photo.  It would have taken up the entire rest of the time (more than an hour) and I would have missed Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Wade Barrett.

Aside from those stations, there was a ton of other stuff to do.  You could film your own entrance theme and then go download it online.  They had photo stations for a WWE magazine cover, a box for action figures, a ring you could go in, photos with belts, and an announcers table set.  There was a ring set up and they had trivia games and stuff, and at one poing Jimmy Wang Yang and Zack Ryder had a match.  Hornswoggle’s house was set up under a different ring, along with a bunch of other kids activities like a foam pit inside a ring.  There was a lot of memorabilia, which was really neat.  We saw a bunch of belts, a display of Shawn Michaels’s ring gear, and a room with assorted other outfits and things including one of Andre the Giant’s suits.  Wow.  If any of my pictures turned out I’ll try to post them when I get home.  Undertaker’s graveyard was pretty fun, too.

I’m fairly certain I’m forgetting something.  There was a fair amount of waiting in lines, but other than the Divas photos they really weren’t all that bad.  It was a lot of fun and a good experience.  It was also great that I didn’t have to miss any of the Hall of Fame ceremony; it all worked out great.

Alright, time for a real post. We parked and started walking into the Theatre, when all the sudden a bus pulls up and I notice Jimmy Wang Yang is on it…then I look and see Kane and Edge and it is full of wrestlers!  There was another bus parked in front of it and one behind it, too, so we watched them walk into the building.  It was a cool little unexpected happening.  People cheered for Big Show a lot (man, him, Khali, and Mike Knox are freaking HUGE), and also Cryme Tyme.

Once we got into the theatre we sat down and were fairly close to the front section with all the WWE people and their families.  We saw JR walk in! along with several others who were already seated, then after a bit they had a group of wrestlers walk in as a group and put it on camera and stuff.  (I have no idea what they showed on TV, by the way…).  King Lawler hosted, which was fun.

I noticed about half to 2/3 of people were dressed up.  There was a dress code but it was obviously not enforced.  It was nice to see people dressed up though because it was a nice occasion.  People were generally well-behaved though, but it seemed like some of the kids got bored and were whispering and stuff, but I wouldn’t say it disrupted the ceremony at all.

The ceremony itself was really neat.  A couple of the presenters’ speeches seemed to be more stories about them than the inductee, but they were well done and nobody was really awful.  Bob Uecker made everyone laugh.  DiBiase was a lot of fun to listen to (as were Ted Jr. and Brett), and he dropped money from the ceiling which was funny and just a perfect touch (none of it was by our section, but someone said it looked like $5 bills).  It lasted 4:30-7 which was good timing for Axxess and stuff, but I think it was a good length anyway.  It was really neat just seeing all the wrestlers in one place like that, especially with different generations (Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Sgt. Slaughter, all the way to some guys from FCW).

There was a signing this morning for the guests at the hotel.  CM Punk and Luke Gallows!!!  That was really, really cool.

That’s all for now, I have to get ready for the Hall of Fame ceremony.  I just thought I should put something up!

As last week, TNA post will be up at some later time.

Why are the white ropes out still?  I like them but it’s a little strange to see them for Raw.  Uh, wait.  Now, did they change the ropes, or did they pre-tape the HBK segment?

Lots of boos with Shawn’s talk of ending ‘Taker’s streak, but a fewcheers as well.  Having the darkness hit and then showing that video package…it just really seems like retirement.  I don’t know, I can’t tell what they’ll do!  He’s not crying so it’s hard to tell.

Big Show did a pretty good job at the announcers table.  R-Truth’s voice just sounded weak next to his (and the announcers).  It was a good match, though, I actually liked it even though I thought I wouldn’t since it was at least the 2nd version.

Wow, 10 people in Money in the Bank.  The Kofi/Kozlov match lasted longer than I thought and was pretty good.  That’ll probably be Kozlov’s role for a while.

I think it might have been the camera angle or something, but Cody Rhodes looked a little bigger than normal.  I think it’s because I haven’t seen him in the ring and doing a promo in a while (or I’m crazy).  Or perhaps it’s the lack of the poncho shirt.  Still a kind of unsure reaction for Orton, but sounded more positive than negative.  That match was pretty good, I was happy with it.

I missed the very beginning of Bret’s promo because I had a phone crisis.  It took a nasty tumble, but we’re okay.  I really liked his promo though, it was awesome.  Vince’s two words were pretty powerful!  I’m sure he’s got sneaky ideas going on in his head.

The Kane/Shawn Michaels match was really good.  I really liked how they brought Undertaker in, too.  Very well done.

Uh I’m not sure what’s happening with this Divas match (other than one bad botch).  They just had Alicia and Mickie there for fun and…weird.  Glad Mickie’s okay though!

Batista’s promo was good, it amused me and made people very angry.  Cena’s promo was alright, the beginning was kind of strange though.  I’m not always a big Cena fan but I think I want him to win the title, I’m sick of Batista.

Okay, here’s the deal: no Superstars post this week, as I won’t be able to watch it.  I also don’t know that I can watch SmackDown! because I will be in Phoenix for WrestleMania, but there’s a concert that Friday night.  Saturday is packed with HOF and Axxess and…something else I can’t remember, then of course Sunday is WrestleMania.  I will try to recount the activities to the best of my abilities, but I’ll probably like an excited little kid and can’t guarantee anything!

They were all serious at the beginning and I thought someone died, but it was just at Mysterio recap.  Yeah, yeah, Punk crossed a line, it’s your own fault for bringing your family into the ring.  So, a streetfight at ‘Mania.  That seems a bit unwise from Mysterio’s side because Serena and Luke can just come beat the hell out of him, too.  [Although with Mysterio joining the Society stipulation, I doubt he’ll lose.]  I’m already sick of this family thing, though (although I was kind of sick of it last week).  Just too…weird.  I feel like it’s a little out of Punk’s character.  They finally started saying he’ll “save” him, but just tearing someone down and going after their family like that just doesn’t seem to fit.  Or maybe I’m just thinking that because I don’t like it, haha.

I liked the tag match with Hardy and MVP vs. Swagger and Ziggler.  It was kinda quick but well done, and it was a good idea to bring in the RAW guys, too.  I liked Ziggler going up the ladder, too.

A little odd to see smiley Tiffany next to Beth Phoenix, haha.  That Divas match was actually a really good match, I was impressed and glad they finally had a real match without stupid things happening.  I would like to actually see Vickie Guerrero in a match.  Of course something is up her sleeve, though!

Man, I’m excited for the Edge/Jericho match.  It’s going to be good.  Cool that Wade Barrett got involved in the fighting, and the spear Edge hit him with was picture perfect.

The Hart Dynasty/Morrison and RTruth match was also quick but a good match.

Okay, I guess Luke Gallows has his own entrance theme.  It’s kinda boring, but I’ve heard worse.  That match wasn’t bad.  But then I realized it didn’t matter what happened, Punk and Mysterio would wrestle no matter what…

Ah, when I saw the match listing I thought hat Undertaker vs. Drew McIntyre was random, but I like Teddy’s idea.  Ha, I liked the match.  Erase that loss, Vince!! Um, anyway.  That went as it should have, I do wonder if they’ll try to strike that loss from McIntyre’s record or whatever’s going on.  HBK went a little crazy there at the end!

WrestleMania in just over a week now!

Sad to hear Mickie James is out for a while with a staph infection.  It’s actually MRSA and she almost waited too long to get it treated, and apparently it was real bad.  But it sounded like she should recover fully (at some point), which is good.

Holy crap, Shelton Benjamin hit a really cool split legged moonsault bouncing off the top rope to hit Kane on the floor outside.  They had a long but good match, lots of back and forth.  The ring had an odd metallic sound in one part where they hit it, that would worry me a bit were I landing on it.

I really like how Justin Roberts and ref John Cone cringe when Jillian gets the mic.  It just makes it more fun, haha.  Anyway, the match with Jillian and Katie Lea vs. The Bellas was actually a good match.  I can’t remember the last time I saw the Bellas wrestle, but they have improved a lot.

Wow, the crowd was LOUD for Mark Henry.  The 6-man tag match started off a little annoying because it was just chaos, but the second half was a good match.  Zack Ryder is good, I’d like to see him more.  And Yoshi Tatsu, as well, is talented and also seems to have a decent fan base already.

10 days until WrestleMania XXVI!

Hm…every year there are celebrities and stuff at ‘Mania.  Last year Mickey Rourke was there, Kid Rock performed, and I can’t remember what else.  Have I missed something or is nothing like that schedule for this year?  Not that it really matters as the card is a little insane, I just thought it was unusual, especially with them being so big on guest hosts.

Okay, here it goes.

AJ’s promo was alright, I’m still not totally sure I like him as a heel.  Flair just needs to stop.  Why is he making himself bleed all over again.  Make it stop.  Styles calling Jeff Hardy a “nobody” and saying he has done nothing was actually comical.  Jeff was a little odd but Flair was much more odd.

More 3D vs. Nasty Boy.  I was confused as to why Jimmy Hart was wrestling but he really didn’t.  Fun that the other brother came back.  Sort of.

The tag match with Wolfe and Anderson vs. Pope and Angle was good, I actually liked it.  And as in nearly every TAN match, there is some sort of beat down after the bell.  They’re building Angle vs. Anderson up very well which is probably a good idea.  That could turn out to be a very good match.  Blood count #2.

So they’re saying Bischoff didn’t know about RVD and Hardy.  Interesting.  I bet that’ll go somewhere later.

Daffney vs. Angelina Love could actually have some good matches in the future if they decide to do that.  But I like that they’re still carrying on the feud with Tara.

Not surprising that Hogan confronting Sting was a beatdown.  I actually liked Bischoff’s part in all that, though.  Also he’s right, Hulk should be done.

The Hall/Nash “match” was what I expected.  I just think that even if Hall only changed how he dressed he would look like he belong there more, because right now he just looks like a retired wrestler.

Well, Bischoff’s beating Jarrett up emotionally again.  I still kind of like it, though.  Having him referee was good, and it was an alright match (about as good as those 2-on-1 matches can be).

Aw, come on, Bischoff.  Have you been watching SmackDown lately?  You know those clippers are never going to get Foley’s hair!  Wow, I kind of can’t believe Bischoff actually let them shave his head.  That’s crazy.

The Generation Me/Motor City Machine Guns promo was good.  Then I was a little sick of all the people running into the ring to get involved again, but it ended really awesomely.  I think Red might have cracked a little smile as he landed because he knew that was a really pretty move.

The Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles match was well done; the Abyss as special enforcer was handled well because he and Flair didn’t get too involved (until after the match of course).  The wrestling was good, too.  There were a couple spots where Hardy seemed a little bit sloppy, but I wouldn’t say he was dangerous or anything.  And it’s a good thing they still have him doing Swantons and stuff.  I’m really not sure why TNA isn’t promoting Hardy more.   It seems to me that a lot of kids would change the channel to watch Jeff Hardy, but I doubt that a lot of fans (who don’t read news and stuff) even know he’s with TNA now.

I heard that TNA got a .8 rating.  Ouch.  I wonder how they’re dealing with the low numbers; I can’t imagine it’s well.

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