Well, hello, March 1st.  That means WrestleMania in 27 days!

Shawn Michaels and Triple H had a great promo there at the beginning.  Not to say that I dislike HBK, but I do not want him to win because I do not want the streak to end.  Some have suggested he become permanent GM of RAW (some say Bret Hart could fill that role as well).  That’d be interseting; he’d still be there but wouldn’t have to travel all the time (which he doesn’t now) or wrestle all the time (which he doesn’t now).

I enjoyed the Hornswoggle on the Lucky Charms box.  Nice touch.  The sugar cereal angle was PERFECT.  They really made that work well for the PG era and all.

Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton had a good, solid match.  They worked really well together, and are carrying a good storyline right now.  I expected Rhodes to come out [in his poncho shirt] and it was well done.  Orton hit a nice dropkick, too.  Face turn is near being official enacted, I think.

Quick match between Swagger and Santino, to say the least!  I feel like Swagger’s gained a tiny bit of weight around his stomach, but it’s not a lot.

Batista’s leather vest reminded me of Rob Halford.  I mean, I love Rob Halford, but it was just off, haha.  The promo with Cena seemed kind of long and drawn out, but was okay.

You know, I like how MVP comes out of the curtain (uh, onto the ramp? whatever).  He looks energetic and happy and it’s a change from just walking out or even pointing to the crowd or something.  That was a super fast match, too.  An hour and 17 minutes in and hardly any wrestling, haha.  MITB is looking pretty good so far though.

Why, yes, I am ignoring the disaster that was the Divas segment.

Mad Dog! This is a really good HoF class.  And inducted by Pat Patterson.

Vince is so good at not making friends.  And he said WCW on the air!  “I’ve got a broken leg, idiot.”  Anyway, Vince obviously has something planned…I wonder if it’s the tag match with Batista and Cena.  That thought is perpetuated by the fact that Vince is wrestling Cena next week!

A little odd to see HBK in his red pants with all the DX gear on.  ‘Taker popping up on the screen during the match was actually super creepy.  Also, screw Sheamus.  I had liked Raw without him I think!  That was just too random and out of place…I know it was an attack and all, but…eh.