No WWE Superstars for me this week or next, sorry!

Hm, blogging is going to get difficult on Monday nights since I don’t have a DVR, haha.  That is this coming week already.

Just read that Traci Brooks was released.

Um, Flair’s promo was a little awkward again, but I think Hogan (and Styles, too) did a good job.  Ha, Bischoff out of nowhere to screw Flair and Styles over.  Not bad.  I’m a little sick of the airhead girls they have with them all the time (Wolfe included).   The Hulk/Abyss thing is kinda cool, but it almost seems like it could be going too far soon.  I also feel like there were way too many close-ups of Flair’s face tonight.

Cheap dig at Vinnie Mac with the XFL.  The extended metaphor about TNA and plumbing was a little too obvious for me; it lost its effect.

Wow there were some shrill screams when Hernandez tagged in.  The 4-way tag was fun to watch though.

Okay I missed parts of the middle of the show but saw Jarrett get beat up and some of Mick Foley’s etiquette lessons.  Those are actually pretty amusing.

Anderson’s outfit was pretty awesome.  The cookie sheet was a very  nice touch.  Also interesting that this happens with Charlie Haas being released not long ago.  I’m sure they had nothing to do with each other, but still.  I will now move on.

Eh, TNA is not holding my attention very easily tonight.  The belt whipping took too long.  And then Bubba came in and…ew.  Jarrett had a decent match considering it was “oh no his shoulder!” the whole time.  Nice to see him get a win in though which will probably complicate things for Bischoff.

The title match was pretty good.  Of course it ended in chaos!  And just as Hogan can’t wrestle a match without bleeding, Flair can’t either.

Okay, here’s the thing: I’m a little bored with TNA tonight, but I kept it on because nothing else was really on (except CSI but that’s completely different).  If I (or anybody, which is the point) get bored with TNA on Monday, I will watch RAW instead of TNA; TNA will not remain on my TV screen.  Bad move there, TNA.  The more I think about it, the more I think this is not a good idea.