Basketball games pushing SmackDown back…it’s going to be past my bed time or something soon!

Um, I really love HD television.  Just throwing that out there.  It is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

McIntyre was greasy and sunburned looking.  Okay, I’m watching the intro.  I can see how they want the song to fit McIntyre; it’s supposed to be like, quietly powerful.  Or something (I’m trying here).  But it’s just a weird intro with the graphics and all.  I like what they did with his trunks though.  Also interesting that Matt Hardy’s gone back to his cargo pants lately.  He only started wearing the tights at WM last year.  Seems like kind of late to go back if they associated the tights with heel Hardy.  I am going to stop talking about ring wear for now though.  That was a solid match though, and a Hardy in a ladder match (as well as Christian) is generally a good idea.

I think I like that they’re having Ziggler use the sleeper hold so much.  That was a really good match, I liked it a lot.

The crowd is loud tonight, it’s fun.

I find myself not caring much about Ezekiel Jackson, actually.  And I think Jimmy Wang Yang is usually pretty fun to watch; he’s really good at what he does but I kinda feel bad that they just beat the hell out of him haha.  Ah, well, I’m sure he helps out the new guys a lot.

Mysterio vs. Luke Gallows was pretty good.  Except I guess I’m kind of sick of Mysterio vs giants, haha.  Still, they didn’t really talk about that too much and it was well done.

Jericho has been very animated lately, it’s fun.

Okay the rest of this is going to be delayed, sorry!  I am terrible lately.

23 days until WrestleMania!