And so it begins.

I’m taping TNA and will watch it after Raw.  Not that I’m picking favorites or anything.  And so unless I happen to fall asleep again or something, the blog will be up shortly.

Hm, ‘Taker and HBK, no count outs and no DQ.  Makes sense to me.

The Divas match was actually a match, I’m impressed.  Eve actually did not look terrible, it was a good match.

Okay, ShoMiz doesn’t really work.  People keep saying MizShow and stuff because it just doesn’t flow right.  So, what’s with the TNA-like tag match that has no order?  At least they rang the bell and stopped the match because it was an obvious DQ.  I think this was a better choice than a normal match that we’re just going to see in a few weeks anyway.

I’m not 100% sure I like Skip Sheffield a ton, but that belongs on the sometime upcoming NXT blog.  Bourne vs. Regal

Orton vs. Legacy was a really good match.  Big “Randy” chants, too.  I liked how they mocked his pose at the end haha.  And I actually kind of liked the HHH/Sheamus promo and predictable ensuing beatdown.

NICE.  I’m really happy that Bourne’s in MITB.  A little odd to basically see Regal job for him, though.

Hm, I saw my first TNA commercial with about 20 minutes left in the show.  Interesting.  Maybe they wanted people to miss the rest of it; I guess I’ll find out when I watch it.  But look, I’m already being mean and I’ve only seen like 2 minutes of it, haha.

Oh, Vinnie Mac and your tricks.  I’d almost forgotten about Kozlov.  And McIntyre’s stupid song threw me off.  I think the bell’s pretty new, I remember it being a beat up old thing, haha.  not that it matters at all.  They handled putting Henry in there well.  And how (not) shocking that Batista was in the match.  I liked Mike Chioda’s ring the…nevermind kind of motion at the end.  It was okay; more of Cena defeating overwhelming odds and then being ridiculously overpowered to lose.

I’m sure Stone Cold next week will be awesome.  I thought Criss Angel did a good job.  I’ve seen his show before and it was basically the same stuff, so it was just what I expected.

20 days until WrestleMania!