Alrighty.  Thank goodness for the ability to tape things.  I bet DVRs and such will actually help TNA a lot because people can watch Raw but still see TNA later if they are unfamiliar with it.  I’m going to try to watch this as if I don’t know some of the things that happen because it will be more interesting from the perspective of people who don’t follow TNA.

I told a friend that Hogan and Flair were wrestling tonight, and she was basically disgusted because she remembered them wrestling years ago.  Just a fun fact of what a non-wrestling fan’s take is.

You know something’s going on when they open with the big match.  But you know what, it was actually kind of exciting to see Hulk in the red and yellow again.  Aw, come on, though, Sting can’t do that.  Then Hogan takes an unprotected chair shot to the head.  And bleeds.  I almost wish Tenay would stop sounding surprised when he say that Hulk gets busted open.  But the blood on the camera was a new one I guess, haha.  Dixie didn’t look shaken up enough after nearly being choked by Sting.  Let’s be honest, that’d be kind of terrifying.  Heel AJ kind of annoys me at times, but I guess that’s the point of the bad guys.

Finally bringing Brooke in more, I see.  I was kind of waiting for that to happen after they zoomed in on her like a hundred times on Jan. 4th.

Kaz’s promo was decent.  Interesting that Doug Williams called Daniels and Kaz “geezers.”  Might want to rethink that one.  I’m wondering if the part of the promo where they were talking about starting the X-division would turn people off.  If you’ve never watched TNA before, you probably don’t care about who started what right now.  I really don’t know, just thinking aloud.  That was a really great match though.  There were some neat spots off the ropes but also good suplexes and more technical stuff.  And welcome for real, Shannon Moore.  He seems to look good.

The Knockouts Tag match was interesting.  It was a good match.  Though I think I missed where Kong and Hamada lost the belts, so I was a little bit confused.  Good job with the Daffney/Tara feud though.

And hello RVD.  That was a great way to come back (except maybe the getting the everliving hell beat out of him part).  He is talented and now has a great storyline going on, and the crowd obviously loves him.  Haha Sting taking out the refs was pretty amusing.  Wow he was REALLY on a rampage with that bat.  I’m kind of bummed he’s so evil now, I like him as a hero.

The “Hall is wasted” chant seems pretty apropos.  I really think X-Pac seems pretty fit and able.  Eric Young got some speed on that jump!  Dunno where they’ll take this, if they want Hall and Waltman on the show forever or not.  That little match wasn’t so bad at all.

I’m not sure how I feel about them having the Army people beat Mr. Anderson up.  I just feel like 1. they can’t really do that or 2. it kind of paints a bad picture of the military or something.

And Flair/Styles vs. Hogan/Abyss part 2.  The match was a lot like I expected: a big bloody mess with Flair and Hogan looking pretty old.  I think they looked a little better than I expected though, Hogan maybe looking a bit better than Flair at points.  Perhaps my biggest qualm is that it was a no-DQ tag match and Abyss just stood around for a while as Hogan was being beat up.  You’re just waiting for him to jump in because technically he can.  But I know, suspending disbelief and wrestling ‘rules’ and all.  And hello again, Jeff Hardy, you crazy person, you.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got slightly yelled at for stopping the broadcast before showing Jeff leaping off the top rope.  That’s what people want to see!  I could probably write a separate (but short) post on my thoughts on Jeff going to TNA, but I probably won’t do that.  Yet, at least.  Some interesting things opened up tonight.  I wonder if Hulk will actually stay out of the ring this time, and if Flair will wrestle again or not.