I was wondering why Flair was still in their intro video.  I see he has now been replaced with Kofi leaping off of something.

I like the concept of NXT.  It gives new guys exposure and develops their personas.  We know who to cheer and who to boo instead of just some random dude coming out.  I like that they have matches between the Rookies, but also Rookies vs. Pros.  It obviously gives more variety, but it makes the new guys seem more like serious competitors.  So far the matches overall have been very good.

I think they’re doing a great job with Daniel Bryan.  People hate The Miz so much, and this is making them really like Bryan even if they didn’t know who he was before (that being a really big indy wrestler).  I kinda wish they gave him some new tights though; the solid red looks too indy for the WWE currently and gets lost in the designs of what everyone else is wearing.  Though he’s making an impression anyway.

I think it’s really interesting and cool that David Otunga acutally went to Harvard Law and all that crazy stuff.  That’s a really good angle to play on, too, and I think they’re doing a good job with it.  He really hasn’t been wrestling very long but so far he’s looked good, and definitely has the big-guy physique.

As I briefly mentioned in my Raw blog, I can’t decide about Skip Sheffield.  He’s so big it kind of scares me, like Batista almost.  His character is nothing special right now.  It seems like he’ll work better as a face, I guess, but in his little intro video it almost seemed like he was trying to be Stone Cold a little too much.  We’ll see, though, he seemed to wrestle fine.

I can’t be 100% sure about Michael Tarver yet, either.  I’d have to see him wrestle more because they basically bill him as a boxer, so I’d like to see him in the ring more to know how he works.  His gimmick has good potential though.

Jericho’s pairing is brilliant.  I will say that WWE’s writers really know how to work with Jericho.  Having a super-confident, poised, huge guy as his Rookie works well.  They compliment each other, Wade Barrett can really pull from Jericho’s traits to further his arrogance.  Barrett also looks like a wrestler and has had great promos so far.  His voice is booming, haha.

I like Justin Gabriel a lot so far.  It seems like he has a versatile style (maybe a little similar to CM Punk’s) with a good deal of high-flyer in him that crowds love.  He has a pretty distinct look, too.  Being paired with Matt Hardy will probably help him a lot.  I see him doing well.

Heath Slater is another one who got lucky with his Pro.  I like Slater, too.  He seems like a good wrestler with a lot of energy.  His “rockstar” persona could make him popular I think.  He and Christian I think go well together, and since people like Christian so much, they will like Slater.  He was actually on an episode of Smackdown (uh, or Raw) as Santa Claus not long ago, too.

Darren Young seems fairly unique.  He can put on a decent match and is very recognizable.  I think they’re playing Punk perfectly with him, too, having him act like he doesn’t care.  That can help get Young cemented as a good guy, or if he goes Straight Edge that’ll be an easy way to get him heat.

I think the choices for Pros were pretty good.  Christian and Hardy have been around forever, as well as Jericho and Regal.  They all have definite good or bad roles, and I think the writers are doing a great job using the Pros personalities to compliment or create a foil for the Rookies.  The one thing I sort of questioned was choosing Carlito for a Pro just because he hasn’t really been around so much lately.  However, I think he’s doing a really good job and people dislike him enough that it’s working.

Hm…I think that’s about it so far.  Overall I like the show.  When they said “reality show” I was a little worried, but I think it’s going in a good direction.

Um, also: I’m watching CSI on Spike TV right now, and they just showed a commercial for Raw on Monday nights.  A lot of old footage actually; old Cena and Edge with Lita and stuff, but it got the point across.  Interesting.  Good strategy, WWE, but I wouldn’t be worried about losing viewers just yet. I read that TNA got a .98 rating, with Raw’s dropping a little to 3.4.  But I feel like Raw’s rating seems to dip sometimes, so I’m not completely sure it was all due to TNA.