Haha, they just showed one of the high school mascots drinking water under his costume head.  That looked a little difficult.  Oh my gosh.  Then they showed the clock.  A lot of basketball left.  I will return shortly.

And here we go!  Hey, I never got to go into a WWE ring on my 9th birthday!  HA.  Punk’s music made me laugh.  As did Luke’s hat (and his two black eyes I noticed when I saw him on NXT.  Okay, those just looked painful, not funny.).  Rey’s daughter is a better actress than half the Divas.  Man, Punk is good at being a creep.  So was Rey’s family there just to make people hate Punk more, basically?  I’m not sure I 100% understand.  It worked but was a little weird.

Miz is pausing too much in his “I’m awesome” thing.  Let’s not make it worse.  I think it’s a good idea to keep having the Rookies come out with their Pros since I would imagine a fair number of people cannot or do not watch NXT.  Daniel Bryan is really making himself popular.  That was a good match.

The Undertaker/Shawn Michaels video package they showed was reeeeeeally neat.  I liked that it had all the interview clips in it.  Good work once again, WWE.

Obviously McIntyre was going to beat poor Aaron Bolo in a winner take all match.  At least that guy had some credentials, you don’t usually hear about the local athletes.

The Big Show/Morrison match was pretty good.

Oh my goodness Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty.  This happened every day for like 6 months but it has been so long!  And then, of course, it didn’t happen, but WHO CARES.  Undertaker is such a badass.  There was really seemingly no reason for that to happen other than ‘Taker just beating the hell out of anybody he can.

I was glad to hear that Tiffany was wrestling again.  I watched a match or two of hers in FCW and she looked good.  That wasn’t unpredictable…except when Beth didn’t kick Tiffany’s ass.  Interesting, though, turning her face.  It’ll be interesting to see Tiffany wrestle more in the future.

Seriously, what happened to Luke Gallows.  Ouch.  They said he ran his face into a concrete wall and while I do not remember this happening (if it was in fact on camera), it looks quite likely.  Gallows and Kane had a good match, I liked them together because they are both big and neither would obviously overpower the other.  Punk picking up Kane for the GTS was neat, and then the Mysterio attack was well done, I actually liked it.

I’m also excited about the return of Jericho’s fun little segment.  Was the last one where he smashed HBK’s face into the screen or am I remembering wrong…?  Anyway.  I would have liked to see some fun video clips but that promo was well done.  I think it’d be funny if Jericho ended up beating Edge with a spear at Mania.

So…Chris Cornell at WrestleMania? haha.  I know AC/DC won’t be there, but how frickin’ cool would THAT be.  Only 16 days!  It seems like there is going to be a whole lot of epic this year.