I think I will have to forgo TNA for the moment.  It’s too hard to switch back and forth, I miss too much.  So that post will come at a later date, sorry!

Nice.  I’m glad they just had Stone Cold come out right off the bat, there’s no other way to handle that.  Of course he did well.  And it was funny having Cena come out.  Just like they said it was the past and present coming together in a way.

The WrestleMania Rewind idea is kind of neat.

The Big Show/Cena match was alright.  The end seemed a little messy and I’m a little sick of Batista, but that’s personal opinion.

Sheamus’s promo was a tad long, but I actually thought it was very good.  I’m kind of surprised.

Wow, Kelly Kelly in an actual match.  She looked a little better than normal, like she’s actually been training to wrestle or something.  And then of course it devolves into a mess, but that’s what the Diva are doing lately.

Oh man.  Michaels and Jericho had a really good match, as one would expect.  I was kind of annoyed at how it ended until Edge’s music hit.  Good work, I enjoyed it.

A little tough to hear the crowd reaction to Orton, but what I heard seemed to be a lot of cheers.  I was trying to remember the match at last ‘Mania but I couldn’t really.  I remembered the whole rest of the feud though.  They had a good match.  Another no-finish though that got a bit too much, but Sheamus/Legacy could have been an interesting dynamic (somehow, not really sure exactly how, but I could see it).  Well…with the match they made I guess WWE saw it, too.

Batista and Kofi was a decent match.  I was wondering what they’d do when Batista started bleeding, he was definitely leaving a trail.  I like Kofi a lot.  I hope they can start using him in big matches again soon, he’s fun to watch.

There was a lot of history in that ring with the contract signing.  Vince is just such a jerk, it’s great.  I’m not always a huge fan of the contract signings, but I thought this one was well done.  And turning around to Bret’s cast on the table: spectacular.  That was wonderful.  And…Stu Hart for real I think.

Man, Gorgeous George.  That is cool.  And late, haha, but still.

Only 13 days until WrestleMania!  That’s less than two weeks…March is going quick.  But I am super excited for that weekend.

And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.