Okay, here it goes.

AJ’s promo was alright, I’m still not totally sure I like him as a heel.  Flair just needs to stop.  Why is he making himself bleed all over again.  Make it stop.  Styles calling Jeff Hardy a “nobody” and saying he has done nothing was actually comical.  Jeff was a little odd but Flair was much more odd.

More 3D vs. Nasty Boy.  I was confused as to why Jimmy Hart was wrestling but he really didn’t.  Fun that the other brother came back.  Sort of.

The tag match with Wolfe and Anderson vs. Pope and Angle was good, I actually liked it.  And as in nearly every TAN match, there is some sort of beat down after the bell.  They’re building Angle vs. Anderson up very well which is probably a good idea.  That could turn out to be a very good match.  Blood count #2.

So they’re saying Bischoff didn’t know about RVD and Hardy.  Interesting.  I bet that’ll go somewhere later.

Daffney vs. Angelina Love could actually have some good matches in the future if they decide to do that.  But I like that they’re still carrying on the feud with Tara.

Not surprising that Hogan confronting Sting was a beatdown.  I actually liked Bischoff’s part in all that, though.  Also he’s right, Hulk should be done.

The Hall/Nash “match” was what I expected.  I just think that even if Hall only changed how he dressed he would look like he belong there more, because right now he just looks like a retired wrestler.

Well, Bischoff’s beating Jarrett up emotionally again.  I still kind of like it, though.  Having him referee was good, and it was an alright match (about as good as those 2-on-1 matches can be).

Aw, come on, Bischoff.  Have you been watching SmackDown lately?  You know those clippers are never going to get Foley’s hair!  Wow, I kind of can’t believe Bischoff actually let them shave his head.  That’s crazy.

The Generation Me/Motor City Machine Guns promo was good.  Then I was a little sick of all the people running into the ring to get involved again, but it ended really awesomely.  I think Red might have cracked a little smile as he landed because he knew that was a really pretty move.

The Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles match was well done; the Abyss as special enforcer was handled well because he and Flair didn’t get too involved (until after the match of course).  The wrestling was good, too.  There were a couple spots where Hardy seemed a little bit sloppy, but I wouldn’t say he was dangerous or anything.  And it’s a good thing they still have him doing Swantons and stuff.  I’m really not sure why TNA isn’t promoting Hardy more.   It seems to me that a lot of kids would change the channel to watch Jeff Hardy, but I doubt that a lot of fans (who don’t read news and stuff) even know he’s with TNA now.

I heard that TNA got a .8 rating.  Ouch.  I wonder how they’re dealing with the low numbers; I can’t imagine it’s well.