Sad to hear Mickie James is out for a while with a staph infection.  It’s actually MRSA and she almost waited too long to get it treated, and apparently it was real bad.  But it sounded like she should recover fully (at some point), which is good.

Holy crap, Shelton Benjamin hit a really cool split legged moonsault bouncing off the top rope to hit Kane on the floor outside.  They had a long but good match, lots of back and forth.  The ring had an odd metallic sound in one part where they hit it, that would worry me a bit were I landing on it.

I really like how Justin Roberts and ref John Cone cringe when Jillian gets the mic.  It just makes it more fun, haha.  Anyway, the match with Jillian and Katie Lea vs. The Bellas was actually a good match.  I can’t remember the last time I saw the Bellas wrestle, but they have improved a lot.

Wow, the crowd was LOUD for Mark Henry.  The 6-man tag match started off a little annoying because it was just chaos, but the second half was a good match.  Zack Ryder is good, I’d like to see him more.  And Yoshi Tatsu, as well, is talented and also seems to have a decent fan base already.

10 days until WrestleMania XXVI!

Hm…every year there are celebrities and stuff at ‘Mania.  Last year Mickey Rourke was there, Kid Rock performed, and I can’t remember what else.  Have I missed something or is nothing like that schedule for this year?  Not that it really matters as the card is a little insane, I just thought it was unusual, especially with them being so big on guest hosts.