They were all serious at the beginning and I thought someone died, but it was just at Mysterio recap.  Yeah, yeah, Punk crossed a line, it’s your own fault for bringing your family into the ring.  So, a streetfight at ‘Mania.  That seems a bit unwise from Mysterio’s side because Serena and Luke can just come beat the hell out of him, too.  [Although with Mysterio joining the Society stipulation, I doubt he’ll lose.]  I’m already sick of this family thing, though (although I was kind of sick of it last week).  Just too…weird.  I feel like it’s a little out of Punk’s character.  They finally started saying he’ll “save” him, but just tearing someone down and going after their family like that just doesn’t seem to fit.  Or maybe I’m just thinking that because I don’t like it, haha.

I liked the tag match with Hardy and MVP vs. Swagger and Ziggler.  It was kinda quick but well done, and it was a good idea to bring in the RAW guys, too.  I liked Ziggler going up the ladder, too.

A little odd to see smiley Tiffany next to Beth Phoenix, haha.  That Divas match was actually a really good match, I was impressed and glad they finally had a real match without stupid things happening.  I would like to actually see Vickie Guerrero in a match.  Of course something is up her sleeve, though!

Man, I’m excited for the Edge/Jericho match.  It’s going to be good.  Cool that Wade Barrett got involved in the fighting, and the spear Edge hit him with was picture perfect.

The Hart Dynasty/Morrison and RTruth match was also quick but a good match.

Okay, I guess Luke Gallows has his own entrance theme.  It’s kinda boring, but I’ve heard worse.  That match wasn’t bad.  But then I realized it didn’t matter what happened, Punk and Mysterio would wrestle no matter what…

Ah, when I saw the match listing I thought hat Undertaker vs. Drew McIntyre was random, but I like Teddy’s idea.  Ha, I liked the match.  Erase that loss, Vince!! Um, anyway.  That went as it should have, I do wonder if they’ll try to strike that loss from McIntyre’s record or whatever’s going on.  HBK went a little crazy there at the end!

WrestleMania in just over a week now!