As last week, TNA post will be up at some later time.

Why are the white ropes out still?  I like them but it’s a little strange to see them for Raw.  Uh, wait.  Now, did they change the ropes, or did they pre-tape the HBK segment?

Lots of boos with Shawn’s talk of ending ‘Taker’s streak, but a fewcheers as well.  Having the darkness hit and then showing that video package…it just really seems like retirement.  I don’t know, I can’t tell what they’ll do!  He’s not crying so it’s hard to tell.

Big Show did a pretty good job at the announcers table.  R-Truth’s voice just sounded weak next to his (and the announcers).  It was a good match, though, I actually liked it even though I thought I wouldn’t since it was at least the 2nd version.

Wow, 10 people in Money in the Bank.  The Kofi/Kozlov match lasted longer than I thought and was pretty good.  That’ll probably be Kozlov’s role for a while.

I think it might have been the camera angle or something, but Cody Rhodes looked a little bigger than normal.  I think it’s because I haven’t seen him in the ring and doing a promo in a while (or I’m crazy).  Or perhaps it’s the lack of the poncho shirt.  Still a kind of unsure reaction for Orton, but sounded more positive than negative.  That match was pretty good, I was happy with it.

I missed the very beginning of Bret’s promo because I had a phone crisis.  It took a nasty tumble, but we’re okay.  I really liked his promo though, it was awesome.  Vince’s two words were pretty powerful!  I’m sure he’s got sneaky ideas going on in his head.

The Kane/Shawn Michaels match was really good.  I really liked how they brought Undertaker in, too.  Very well done.

Uh I’m not sure what’s happening with this Divas match (other than one bad botch).  They just had Alicia and Mickie there for fun and…weird.  Glad Mickie’s okay though!

Batista’s promo was good, it amused me and made people very angry.  Cena’s promo was alright, the beginning was kind of strange though.  I’m not always a big Cena fan but I think I want him to win the title, I’m sick of Batista.

Okay, here’s the deal: no Superstars post this week, as I won’t be able to watch it.  I also don’t know that I can watch SmackDown! because I will be in Phoenix for WrestleMania, but there’s a concert that Friday night.  Saturday is packed with HOF and Axxess and…something else I can’t remember, then of course Sunday is WrestleMania.  I will try to recount the activities to the best of my abilities, but I’ll probably like an excited little kid and can’t guarantee anything!