Alright, time for a real post. We parked and started walking into the Theatre, when all the sudden a bus pulls up and I notice Jimmy Wang Yang is on it…then I look and see Kane and Edge and it is full of wrestlers!  There was another bus parked in front of it and one behind it, too, so we watched them walk into the building.  It was a cool little unexpected happening.  People cheered for Big Show a lot (man, him, Khali, and Mike Knox are freaking HUGE), and also Cryme Tyme.

Once we got into the theatre we sat down and were fairly close to the front section with all the WWE people and their families.  We saw JR walk in! along with several others who were already seated, then after a bit they had a group of wrestlers walk in as a group and put it on camera and stuff.  (I have no idea what they showed on TV, by the way…).  King Lawler hosted, which was fun.

I noticed about half to 2/3 of people were dressed up.  There was a dress code but it was obviously not enforced.  It was nice to see people dressed up though because it was a nice occasion.  People were generally well-behaved though, but it seemed like some of the kids got bored and were whispering and stuff, but I wouldn’t say it disrupted the ceremony at all.

The ceremony itself was really neat.  A couple of the presenters’ speeches seemed to be more stories about them than the inductee, but they were well done and nobody was really awful.  Bob Uecker made everyone laugh.  DiBiase was a lot of fun to listen to (as were Ted Jr. and Brett), and he dropped money from the ceiling which was funny and just a perfect touch (none of it was by our section, but someone said it looked like $5 bills).  It lasted 4:30-7 which was good timing for Axxess and stuff, but I think it was a good length anyway.  It was really neat just seeing all the wrestlers in one place like that, especially with different generations (Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Sgt. Slaughter, all the way to some guys from FCW).