WrestleMania post will be up tomorrow or the day after.  I need to make sure it makes sense and is accurate, and I have SO much to do tonight and tomorrow that I just can’t give it the attention at the moment.

So, a Shawn Michaels goodbye tonight.  I’m kind of glad it wasn’t last night.  He would have cried and it would have been very upsetting.

Yeah, noticed last night that it wasn’t a very Cena-friendly place (well, relatively).  Swagger looked awkward during his attack.

Super cool that they brought all the Legends out!  Except the guest hosts completely bombed that segment.  A lot.

Uh, Miz…dumb.  I know they want people to hate him but saying he’ll match ‘Taker’s streak is just ridiculous.  Give the Hart Dynasty the titles.  Please and thank you.  This better be the start of a feud!  I thought it was a good match, too.  I liked seeing Kidd use a SharpShooter, too.  Now all we need is a Beth Phoenix/Natalya feud to go along with the Hart Dynasty’s tag belts, right?

Wow.  The graphic with the Cena/? vs. Batista/Swagger match…did you see the awful rendition of the briefcase they tried to photoshop into Swagger’s arms?  Bad, WWE, bad.

Hahaha Mark Henry in the hot tub.  Spectacular.

Swagger redeemed himself with his promo before his match.  Oh duh.  I couldn’t figure out who Cena’s partner was going to be, and I forgot Orton existed or something.  Swagger still seems a touch out of place in this match since the other three are just such big names.  I think him being a big guy helps a lot, it’s much more believable than having a “lower-level” little guy in there.  I think physically Swagger fits in great, but also wrestling wise he can keep up with them (which some would argue isn’t hard with Batista or Cena, but that’s not the issue).  So I think now I’ve decided that having Swagger win MITB was a good idea, because he can fit in well with the current main-eventers.  I guess I see him as a kind of intermediate, he has the ‘old’ style but also is young.  I’m making things up now.  Also, Orton is completely over (in the wrestling sense) after last night!

I really liked the clips of HBK’s career throughout the show.  Having ‘Taker come out and tip his hat was very powerful.  Oh god, the tears.  Um, not much I can say about that speech really.  I will certainly miss him, as will the entire wrestling business.