I actually completely forgot that TNA was on last night.

I also never got around to watching last weeks.  Um, I guess I’ll try to get this week’s in soon?  My apologies…

EDIT 3-31

Okay, here’s the post.

The part with The Band was…kind of annoying.  I feel like Scott Hall wearing wrestling trunks is a poor choice.

I actually thought the tag match with Shannon Moore and Kazarian vs. Doug Williams and Brian Kendrick was really good.  It wasn’t the usual TNA tag match mess.  Except I thought Williams was the legal man when Moore pinned Kendrick, but what do I know.

I thought the list Machismo brought to Bischoff was HILARIOUSly ironic.  I mean, come on.  You know they’d have Junk Yard Dog and Koko B Ware if they could.

The Orlando Jordan thing was weird as hell.  That is all.

The first blood Knockouts match worked well for those two.  It just seemed like a beatdown.

Other than being sick of Flair, I thought the Styles/Jarrett match was very good wrestling-wise (minus the ref bumps and all, but they were probably kind of necessary for the story).

The main event didn’t last quite as long as I expected and wasn’t as awesome as I thought it could be…but then I remembered the physical capacities of the Band and it all made sense.  Eric Young actually looked a little uncomfortable right before his elbow drop off the top of the cage I think.  The cage looks good, though.

Overall, a respectable episode I guess.  That nobody saw…the rating was .6.  I think moving an hour earlier next week will definitely benefit them.  I’ll probably watch the first hour.