April 2010

Yikes, happy last day of April already.  SmackDown’s on late again (just so I can be disappointed by Chicago sports some more).  Come on, I’m sleepy!  Here we go…Hm, this’ll be interesting.  Something’s weird with the picture and audio, its almost like a slow internet connection but through cable…

Aw, I am going to miss Jericho’s opening promos on SmackDown every week.  They do bring a smile to my face.  And finally a little bit of a Kofi promo, too.  I hope they push him now; that was certainly a big win for him!  I think I mentioned on Monday that he should get the IC belt back from McIntyre and make it matter again.  Maybe put him against Dolph Ziggler?  I don’t know, that just occurred to me but I think they could work well together.

Oh I love the cheap heat by mentioning Bush.  I remember going to RAW a little while ago and they showed him on the screen for Tribute to the Troops, people booed so loud.  But Swagger can’t like him, he’s a Texas fan! haha

And, with the fastest face turn ever, we welcome Big Show!

Wow, people care even less about Chavo than I thought.

I’m still okay with Shad’s character, but I feel like the catchphrase is too much too soon, as I’m already sick of it because  “it’s my time” is ALL he says.

I can’t remember if that’s the same song they had for Cody at WrestleMania.  In fact I kind of think it’s different, but I’m sure I’m just not remembering because that wouldn’t make sense.  I can’t be responsible for details like that at ‘Mania, there was too much going on!  Anyway.  It’d actually be kind of interesting if they put Cody in another tag team.  You know, start a tag division or something.  If he keeps hitting those moonsaults he can do okay.  That almost finisher he hit, flinging Morrison onto his back was neat.  I thought it was a good match.

Whoa I saw Edge in the ring and forgot he was a good guy for a second.  Weird flashback.  Oh man,  I was so excited to hear Christian’s music.  Why are they starting this feud now when they can’t really do anything about it!  Uh…well, I guess my flashback was actually a prediction!

Ha, I am enjoying Show punching everyone in the face like this.

YES, love seeing Beth Phoenix with the belt.  Too bad her tag partner is useless.  Seriously, she can wrestle less than Vickie Guerrero can.  [I know, I know, that’s not really why she or most of the Divas are there, but it’s annoying.]

Oh, Chris Masters.

So, Dolph killed Hornswoggle.  Alright.  And Matt Hardy’s basically brain dead.  How’re they gonna fix that one?

Rumors that the mysterious masked man could be Joey Mercury.

Wow, big heat for Swagger.  They are loud.  Apparently those little promos worked!  Swagger’s promo was pretty good.  Show’s was hilarious.  That could get interesting!

So far it seems as though the draft really has shaken things up all around, and I like what they’ve done!

To be honest, I’ve been doing work while watching TNA so I’ve missed bits and pieces.  Overall the only thing that upset me in the first half was Flair’s promo at the very beginning; I had NO idea what he was trying to say.  The matches were good though.

I hear Tara might be leaving due to pay negotiation issues.  That sucks, I think she’s an asset to the Knockouts Division (especially with Kong gone).

Hey, look,  a falls count anywhere match.  I like those.  Except instead of a tag match it was more Jarrett vs. Sting and Hardy vs. Styles simultaneously.  And, Taz, please stop sounding surprised that Sting has a baseball bat.

They have a ticker thing at the bottom of the screen.  They’re saying Angelina Love injured her right arm and they’re waiting for more details.  That actually happened in a different match; she tore her bicep and…something else, I forget.  Daffney got the worst of it.  She had temporary spinal trauma (stinger) to the point where she couldn’t move her legs, but that fixed itself quickly.  She also has a deeply bruised sternum so I’d imagine she’s out for a while!

There was this random commercial thing with Alex Shelley badmouthing Beer Money, saying Chris Sabin had become a blob because of them.  It was actually really funny, and a PSA in an odd way.

Man, D’Angelo Dinero can cut a promo.

Uh, okay.  TNA, you’ve really done it now.  They show X-Pac after being attacked by Team 3D in the parking lot.  He’s like, crashed through a table and laying on the ground with his head in a pool of blood.  However, it’s like the same amount of blood they use on CSI when someone gets hit with a bat and dies or something.  I just can’t take that seriously; he would obviously be SERIOUSLY injured or dead with that.

I’m kind of sick of Matt Morgan like I’m sick of Sheamus.

Oh, jeez.  Flair’s just sitting in a room talking to the camera, and they have to have captions because you can’t understand a damn word.  Even reading along with him speaking I couldn’t make the words out.  This is getting more painful every week.  I can barely watch this match with him and Abyss.  He put the brass knuckles on backwards.  Hebner looked disgusted when he realized he had flair’s blood all over his hands hahaha.

This is probably the last time I’ll be able to watch Superstars for a while.

Haven’t seen Gail Kim in a little while.  Not a bad match.  I’d prefer Gail Kim or even Jillian to Eve as Divas Champ.  Ugh.

Primo and Zack Ryder had a good match, too.  Except it’s kind of what we see every week, haha.

Good idea giving Natalya two belts to carry so they don’t get weighted down.  Except hopefully soon she’ll have one of her own….the match was really good though.  The Dudebusters (yep, they’re going by that now) put up a good fight and I think that match established them as a legitimate tag team.  If anyone saw it.

And…that’s it for that! haha

Indeed Cody Rhodes has moved to SmackDown!  I like that, I think he can do well there with moving away from Orton and DiBiase.  I think a lot of people don’t like Cody, but I do; he was perhaps overshadowed in Legacy, but I think he’s a great wrestler and can have pretty good promos.

Chavo to SmackDown, as well.  That’s probably good if he can find a niche there.  Maybe work with Vickie some and strengthen the Guerrero.

Khali to RAW.  Not that it matters much since he’s in India chilling for a while.  I think that might be better though since Big Show is on SD now, and Khali is a little more gimmick than wrestler, which kind of works better on RAW.

Tyler Reks’s bio is now on the SmackDown page, which I think is a good place for him.  I hope they put him back on TV, I really do remember liking how he wrestled.  Plus he’s big and muscular which we know they love, so where is he, haha.

Uh, wow.  Natalya to Raw.  I guess that kind of makes sense since they have very few competent Divas, so now Beth Phoenix is on SD so they shipped Natalya over, haha.   But have her kick the crap out of Eve for the belt, that won’t be hard!  It took them a while but they also moved the Hart Dynasty over.  I’m really not surprised, that’s good!

Chris Masters goes to SmackDown.  He’s been kind of MIA lately, as well.  Ha, Fink says, “I exPECt he will do well for himself.”  I guess I don’t really see him as pushing towards the main event for some reason, and he’s another one that can kind of fit anywhere I think.

Ezekiel Jackson to RAW.  I second what I said about Masters, haha.

Goldust to RAW.  That could be fun.  He really does have a unique gimmick but also wrestling skills that could be used in a bunch of places.  Someone in the chat thing where they’re announcing picks suggested Goldust vs. Miz.  I say go for it!

Well, Hornswoggle to SmackDown.  I kind of feel like they do whatever they want with him and where he is doesn’t make a huge difference.  I hope they don’t like stick him with Ziggler for a long time, I’d prefer to see Zigs (what?) in a real feud because I like his style and he has a lot of potential.

They sent Rosa to SmackDown.  I bet she’ll join LayCool or something.  Blech.

And finally, MVP to SmackDown as well which is good because it felt like they needed another bigger name.  Could see a feud with Punk coming from him, as well.

Really what this all comes down to is that they have a LOT of talent.  A lot of the moves they made seem like they could open up good avenues for feuds and just single matches.  It’s up to the WWE Creative team to make it happen!

Okay, Miz’s promo got to the point of lying.  “Did Stu ever teach you how to compete against technical masters” blah blah.  Uh, duh?  I mean, I know he’s trying to get the point across that he’s the technical master he’s referring to, but come on.  They are building him up a lot though; people will pay to see him get his ass kicked, and that is the bottom line.
Bret’s promo was amazing.  Man, DH Smith pulled that suplex off real well.  Almost it at the beginning but then he even let go.  But I am SO excited that Hart Dynasty has the belts.  AND won by a Sharpshooter, perfect!

Hm, I almost wonder if they put the white ropes on RAW because TNA has red ropes.

I honestly wasn’t paying attention to half of the Divas match.  Eve scares me a little bit, but Michelle McCool actually helped her look better.  I guess they had to send Kelly Kelly to SmackDown since they got rid of Mickie (loud cheers for her, by the way.  Lots of angry people, especially since they’re in her home town!).

Wonder if this is a Big Show face turn in the works?  Could be fun.

Ooo I like this Orton/Sheamus thing.  I’d much like Orton to beat the shit out of him (I feel like I’ve said this all before!).   John Cena made me laugh a bit.

So, R-Truth to RAW doesn’t seem like it matters much to me.  Morrison is interesting, those two tag now apparently so that makes sense.  Wasn’t expecting Edge to move honestly, but that could be fun.  Maybe but him against DiBiase (against Cena eventually I’d imagine, or if Sheamus wins the belt or something).

Ha, Jericho blaming Heath Slater on his loss to Edge.  I love it, he is so good at being an arrogant whiner.

I really like Kofi going to SmackDown.  Hopefully he will get back in the main event picture, too.  At least take the belt off of McIntyre or something.  I’m not surprised they’re sending Christian to SD.  I think that’s a good decision, especially with Edge leaving (though having the two of them together again would be neat).

HA.  I’m not even a huge R-Truth fan, but I enjoyed him with DiBiase.  That was well done.

Jericho to RAW is interesting.  I can’t decide if that surprises me haha so probably not.  Though I had forgotten about his RAW ban.  But that’s the beautiful thing about the WWE.  If you don’t like a decision, it can be forgotten!

I like Orton’s powerslams a lot.  They look nasty and are just perfect.  Those are big guys to heave around, too.  Thank GOD Sheamus didn’t hit Orton with that stupid Celtic Cross, I hate that thing.  There are rumors floating around that Batista’s going to be done with WWE soon…I wonder if at the next PPV he’ll be all, “If I don’t beat you, Cena, I quit!” or something comparable.

Having Striker there wasn’t a bad idea.  He could explain the SD guys.  I do miss good ol’ JR.

I’ll be interested to see the results of the supplemental draft on wwe.com Wednesday.  I’ll try to post a quick entry about it.  So far though they’ve moved around some people that could make it interesting, for a little while at least.  I think what I’m most excited about (other than new tag champs!) is Kofi and maybe Christian.

Okay, the ONE day I check the TV listings instead of the channel…it said the Cubs game was on this channel, but noooo SmackDown was on.  So I missed the first half hour.  Though apparently it was basically just Swagger and then his match with Morrison.

The end of the Hardy/R-Truth vs. McIntrye/Ziggler match made me angry.  The headstomp thing was fine, whatever.  But having McIntyre attack Hardy with the medical team on him was just too far.

Edge’s promo was really good.  I really liked Jericho throwing Wade Barrett to the dogs, too.  That was perfect, and was a good way to build even MORE heat before the match without Edge and Jericho just spearing each other again.

Having the JTG vs. Shad match being a strap match seems a little random.  It’s almost like they ran out of gimmicks that made enough sense so they had to use that one.  Maybe it’s just me, though.  Could be good anyway I guess.

Mickie’s last match was rather uneventful for her.  McCool looked like a clown, I don’t know what was goin’ on there.  The “Extreme Makeover” match is pretty annoying…and it better not mean an immediate loss by Beth Phoenix.  They reeeeally should give her the belt.  It’s like, playing out high school girl stereotypes, and it’s annoying.

The tag match was pretty good.  About what I expected, nothing mindblowing.  I still really hope Punk doesn’t get his head shaved on Sunday.  Hm, doesn’t really feel like there’s a PPV on Sunday…maybe I’m still sort of in WrestleMania mode a bit.

Wow.  The replays from Lockdown…looked good, I guess.  But can Flair PLEASE stop bleeding all over everything now?  Goodness.  Unnecessary and gross, and I’m not the squeamish type.

I’m still not loving AJ Styles’s character.  I really think associating him with Flair and changing everything could have angered some long-time TNA fans because he’s been there since forever and all.  Ah well.  I just thought he was better in his previous state.  Hulk looks pretty gimpy, actually.  Uh, the opening promo was like, Triple H trying to eat up time long.  But I was less entertained, and there were four guys in the ring, haha.

So far so good I guess.  I just…Flair upsets me.  I like Rob Terry a lot though.  Their booking when they turned him face really worked on me I guess haha.

I liked the little backstage segment with Hogan and Bischoff, actually.  It was an easy way to kind of tell us what wass going on without hiding it in a “peeking behind a closed door” kind of skit.

RVD vs. Jeff Hardy soundss like it should be a really good match.  It started out a little slow, and I guess seeing Jeff trying to do the amateur wresting style is a little odd to me.  I thought RVD had a good match, but I do’nt know, for some reason I just wasn’t really impressed by Jeff’s wrestling.  He didn’t have a bad match, just not really super.  Maybe I’m remembering him to be better than he was or something, maybe his style isn’t the same as it was or perhaps fits better with some of the WWE stuff he did.  I don’t know, and I don’t know whatI’m talking about anymore.  RVD hit a pretty moonsault though, and Jeff’s swanton looked good.  I think Jeff sold everything really well.

I feel like having a rematch of this massive tag match, that was previous in a cage, the night after the PPV kind of loses the effect.  Although having Samoa Joe come back is awesome, I’m glad to see him again.

The title match was a good one for sure, and I like that they gave the belt to RVD.  The end seemed a bit odd with everyone coming out; it seemed more like a retirement party.  There was a whole lot of confetti, too.  But anyway, TNA was not a disaster at all, but I can’t say it kept my attention easily.

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