I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jericho is just SO GOOD.  Edge hit that spear really well, too.  Bleh, Swagger.  I am of course more bitter because of how much I like Jericho, but…well, I don’t know.  Having him on SmackDown could work if he doesn’t have to defend against ‘Taker or something.

The R-Truth/Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme match was rather quick.  Then, of course, found out why.  Shad threw JTG out of the ring in the dark match at WrestleMania, too, and I wondered if they’d continue that.  That’s right, WWE, just dismantle your tag division even more.  Shad as a heel could work.  Or he’ll turn into Ezekiel Jackson or something.

In MITB they started McIntyre’s music later, past all the slow stuff, and it worked better.   Matt Hardy looks a little heavy, actually.  He’ll probably somehow see this and hate me for saying that forever, but I can’t help but say something.

I read that Khali is taking some time off to stay in India for a while.  I can’t say that upsets me at all.  I didn’t know that they’d say anything on air, though.  I feel like he’s disappeared before and not said anything (as wrestlers tend to do sometimes).

Gallows keeps getting more personalized stuff and it amuses me.  Serena speaking was exciting.  From what I saw in FCW videos, they need to use her more.  She got some heat too, wow.  She did pretty well.  I thought Punk sounded good.  He was talking faster than normal or something, I don’t know, but it worked (probably making that up).  Not okay with the shaving Punk’s head thing, though.  Weird and not right.  He’s had that hair forEVER (though it was blonde way back when).

“Simply Flawless” needs to stop, I’m sick of them.  I wonder how many times this Divas tag match will happen.  At least they’re decent matches, though, so I don’t mind much.

I was wondering if DH Smith and Tyson kid beating Vince up at ‘Mania was the beginning of a face turn.  Their two second promo could go that way, too.  Could be interesting.  Take the belts from the mean ShowMiz, right?

Kane’s eye looks kinda painful, and that blue contact lens makes it look way worse.  That match was a good idea.  It let the NXT guys show off a little bit.  But there were 8 of them and they still had to run from Kane.  Perfect.  That could be an interesting feud!

I didn’t notice Jericho’s shoe flying off when Swagger hit the gutwrench powerbomb.  Ha! I get the deal with Swagger’s notes and all, but that promo was not my favorite.  He could have made the monotone more…arrogant sounding to give it a little life.  The ending wasn’t shocking at all, but I liked it.

Not as much wrestling as I maybe would have liked, but not too bad.