Man, I haven’t watched Superstars in a long time.

…And then a Simply Flawless segment.  Great.  But good, put Beth Phoenix against the guys and give her real competition, fine with me.  She did varsity wrestling in high school and was the only girl on the team.  I’m glad Beth kicked Layla’s ass, and then McCool’s too.  Have I mentioned lately that I’m sick of them?  But I still get a kick out of Vickie.

Hm, I feel like I haven’t seen Chavo in a match in a while.  I really like the team of Yoshi Tatsu and Evan Bourne though.  That was a really good (and clean) match, I loved it.  Didn’t know exactly who was going to win, and everyone had a good part in it.  And that Shooting Star Press is always the way to go.

Oh, whoops.  I was like, “Hm, two RAW matches, interesting.”  Right, that’s because there’s no ECW.  Anyway.  MVP’s arm looks much more colorful than I remember it being.  But I’m obviously already confused, so who knows.  That was a good match though, those two work well together (which doesn’t surprise me).  Tarver annoys me slightly for no reason.

I don’t think I’ve seen the commercial for the Hart DVD before, it looks good.  JR said in his blog that he liked it.  It seems like that’d be a hard one to screw up, too, since there’s just so much history and amazing footage that they have.  Might try to check that out at some point.

So, I’ve been thinking.  There’s been a lot of complaint about stale main events, and now a lot of complaints that Swagger’s in so quick.  I’m not necessarily  excluding myself from this, or pointing anybody specific out, just trying to think.  I’m not saying it wasn’t too soon for Swagger.  But I think now what WWE really needs to do is prove their decision.  Show us that he deserves having the title and that he can hang with the big guys.  If they can do that, I will be happy.  But they can’t do something stupid like have him keep the title for ten years and stay undefeated; if it goes too over the top, it’s still unbelievable.  I think they need to just make it a clean reign with wins and losses typical of all champions to solidify him as a plausible option.  Hey look, I actually posted something insightful for once! haha