They took my SmackDown away for the Sox game.  This stupid channel is the dumbest thing, first it disappears for my 5th WGN channel, and now it just gets completely taken over.

Apparently SmackDown is on later.  They better not be lying again!

Update: 4 hours later, SmackDown is beginning.  Let’s hope I can stay awake.

Man, I forgot they were in Chicago.  And I wasn’t there.  Bummer.  Although so soon after WrestleMania it would have been a bit of a disappointment!

Um, what the hell is with the name plate on Swagger’s belt.  The name is little and boring font and frankly looks like a crappy toy.  Also, why is he still talking all slow and boring?

Hm, I like what Morrison said.  “That might make you a title holder, but it doesn’t make you a champion.”  That actually sums it up quite well.  So I stand by what I said yesterday: they need to MAKE him a champion, make him believable, make him deserve it.  Except then I feel like making such a big deal about the speech impediment is a bad idea.  Come on, WWE, you know that’s gonna get some poor kid teased.  The match was pretty good.  It wasn’t sloppy, but some of the stuff just wasn’t as tight as I would have liked it.  But overall I thought they worked well together.  Matt Striker said some stuff that annoyed me though.  Oh well.

Crowd was dead at Cryme Tyme’s music.  Hard to say if it was confusion or lack of interest, but kind of seemed more like the latter.  I don’t see anything special about Shad’s heel turn or character, but so far I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it (except killing one of the few legitimate tag teams).

McIntyre/Hardy was a pretty good match, with some hard hits from both guys.  I feel like it’s a terrible idea for Matt to wrestle with that necklace on, though.

Aw, man, did they really have to replay shaving Serena’s head?  And I haven’t said it in a while, but I will again.  I am so impressed with how they changed him from Festus to Luke Gallows, and fit it into the straight edge thing.  That is so, so good.  That segment was not shocking in any way, but was well done.  Also, the back of Serena’s shirt was really awesome.

Yep, furthering the Hart face turn.  I like it.  I like Trent Beretta and Caylen Croft, as well.  Good match.  Really neat having DH Smith use the Sharpshooter, as well, and not limiting that to just Kidd (though I don’t know why they would).

Hahaha for some reason Dolph Ziggler attacking Josh Matthews really amused me.

I love watching Edge and Jericho wrestle.  Parts of the match were a little slow, but it was good.  Wonder if they’ll make it a Triple Threat or have a rematch (perhaps with a crazy stipulation).  I’m not sure a Triple Threat would be super in this situation, but I guess they could make it work if they wanted to.

Wow, I barely made it through that.  Too busy of a week and too late!