Oh, man.  He’s in Kit.  And has a sequined blazer.  Gonna be a good night.

Wow.  I mean, I know the Divas belt means absolutely nothing, but holy crap this is ridiculous.  It really is NOTHING now.  Eve is terrible.  She has improved, but she cannot hit very many spots, and she can perform even fewer moves  WELL.  Maryse has a personality and can wrestle, whether you like her or not. Melina the same.  This is actually infuriating, more than normal.

So…draft in a couple weeks.  Hart Dynasty to RAW for a high-profile feud with ShoMiz and the belts?  Miz actually said some good stuff, there (the “cheap sunglasses on an ugly kid” is what I’m mostly referring to…not ALL of it).  It was a good match.  I like when they have DH hit a lot of suplexes and stuff, he’s just so good at them and they look great (and like they hurt).  I actually sort of expected DH to win, but then I realized that it doesn’t matter, Bret will get out of whatever they want him to do I’m sure, and a title match is still very likely.

Otunga did a good job with his promo.  Batista still looks like a fool.

Glad Bourne got a win!  Carlito isn’t the most, uh, respected? of opponents, but it’s a step in the right direction at least.

You know, I’m not sure if I’m just noticing it more and more or what, but it seems like Cena’s progressively getting more boos.  They obviously like Otunga if they’re pairing him with Batista on RAW.  He does have the build that many are so fond of (Vince).  The match was…boring.  Got the point across, though, which I think is what they were going for.

Man, I’ve missed Kofi.  The kid can cut a promo, not to mention wrestle.  You know what?  Sheamus looked good.  I think it might have been the way Kofi worked that did it, or maybe Sheamus just decided to do something.  But it was a good, legitimate match.  And I know Sheamus is the bad guy brawler heel, but we don’t need a TNA-style 10 minute beatdown after every match.  But that’s just my beef with Mr. PastyWhite.

Hey, Kozlov, it’s been a while!

Okay, the Baywatch thing is just another Diva gimmick…but I have to say, because it’s Baywatch, the entrances were hilarious.  Santino is always a nice touch, too!  I must say, I did enjoy that segment much more than I thought I would, and it was funny.

Hm, the end of the Orton/Batista match was a little more of a mess than I’d like.  That’s like, week before PPV ending, not 2 weeks.  Cena’s count was actually kind of a nice touch.  Eh, whatever.  They didn’t take it too far I guess.

Hm, I’m always slightly annoyed with the foreign shows because the sound and mics are a little off…

TNA will be watched on Thursday, barring something unseen that prevents it.  Did anybody watch their new thing “ReAction” that aired an hour before iMPACT! started?