Interesting, they didn’t show the normal WWE opening before the Superstars theme.

Matt’s right arm is wrapped up.  I saw on his Twitter and other places that his bicep is bruised real bad; the picture’s nasty.  Uh Michael Tarver is odd.  The match was decent, nothing special but no screwups haha.

Chavo and Christian had a good match.  Chavo hit a (would-be) finisher that I haven’t seen…in a really long time.  Heath Slater didn’t get involved in the match but he seemed more into it than Tarver and maybe even Justin Gabriel in the previous match.

I like that Ted DiBiase has the million dollar belt now.  It’s kind of cementing him as a bad guy and making him stand out more.  Plus his dad is actually smart and not wrestling until he’s 70, so passing on the belt isn’t like ruining that legacy I don’t think.  Kid’s cutting good promos.  He and MVP had a good match.

I read that HHH’s neck has been bothering him since Sheamus hit him with his dumb Celtic Cross thing at Elimination Chamber.  Just a thought, but if anyone else hurt H they might not be having matches for a while, let alone high-profile ones.

Also, because of the volcano eruption in Iceland and resulting airport closures, the WWE travel schedule is all messed up.  The RAW guys have like 24 hours of travel to get to their next show.  Yuck.